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  • leitriman leitriman Jun 7, 1999 4:23 PM Flag

    Tidying Up

    Profit-taking by institutions before the end of the quarter!!!

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    • four years ago an rx-exa got promoted to manage
      the store i was in, i was the exa. i carried the
      store while i was there--you see he didn't want to get
      dirty and do the work that needed to be done. managing
      a store is not walking around with a telxon in you
      hand. right after he got promoted, our exa evaluations
      came back. i was reading mine and he was reading
      his--mine was so much better than his, he stopped telling
      me what his manager wrote. he only got promoted
      because of the salary he made as an exa--you can't hide
      that kind of salary in a store where the figures
      count. and isn't it great how rx-exa's are "tested" in
      the brand new stores, not the ones where you really
      have to work. he had to leave the store he was in
      because it was 3 years old and the numbers were going to
      matter, and no other manager in a newer store wanted him.
      sad isn't it.

    • Keep buinding all those new stores WAG!! Lots of business up for grabs. More and more as more news is out on Rite Aid. Condoms from 1995... tsk tsk tsk.

    • Managers practicing pharmacy without a degree or
      licensure? The NABP (national association of pharmacy
      boards) has been around since 1907, and licensure along
      with that. The degree's have changed, but the basic
      law hasn't. What this company needs is employees
      doing their job. Not bitching about what everybody else
      makes. Doing your job, and doing it right will make this
      a better company and make us stand out from the
      rest of this sector. Too bad the analysts can't see
      that. I also haven't look at this board in about a
      week, not much changed i see. Guess i'll go back to
      doing my job. Go Wags.

    • just be glad you don't work for least
      you and me can sleep at night.....we seem to have
      well rounded lives...... the pedestal he is on makes
      his perception of life at walgreens as simple as
      this: walgreens has two types of
      employees.......pharmacists and pharmacist
      wannabees.............................he has no clue that I am complaining because all I
      want is a fair playing field.......the best test of
      fairness is to reverse the roles....when I suggest that to
      him, instead of him saying ok lets analyze the
      situation, his only response is "go to rx school",,,or"keep
      reading your exa books"......HE SUCKS AS A
      MOTIVATOR....he ends postings by saying good luck or hope you get
      your store soon, but only after spouting about how
      great he is and how much the rest of us non rx
      employees suck and are jealous......go ahead
      drugrunner,,,reread your postings and tell me I am wrong.

    • I apologize if this has been mentioned. This was dated 6/2/99. I was only able to copy the headlines.

      17.9 PERCENT