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  • CakeBoi CakeBoi Jul 9, 1999 5:14 PM Flag

    Age Discrimination what??

    Do not, I repeat, do not base my ability to
    manage my store on how young I look. I've worked for
    Walgreens since I was 16, I have opened 15 stores and
    closed 2. I was an EXA for three years before being
    promoted. If you feel you have been over looked, perhaps
    you should start wondering why? Could it be your
    backward ways of thinking that's held you back? In other
    words: Dont blame me for your short commings as a


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    • The article and list are at Then hit "cover story" at the bottom. The list comes up in a 1-20,21-40 etc. format at the bottom of the cover story.

    • Yes, I know most won't care much, but listen to

      1/2oz Neosporin Ex-Stregnth+pain relief....

      Mart 3.69
      Walgreens 5.99 (YIKES!!!!!!!!!)
      Aid 4.99

      With prices like this, I come to a
      couple conclusions:

      1. Walgreen is way
      overpriced, but customers will pay for the convenience,
      service speed, etc.

      2. Very high prices are one
      of the big reasons for their high revenues, per
      store sales, etc.

      Also, when I went to
      Walgreens, there were 6 other customers in the store, 2 were
      using Pharmacy. Also there was one customer in the
      drive through. I was in a Rite Aid for at least 20
      minutes, and besides me, they had just one other customer
      during that time. Hey, due to their crappy system I got
      free dental floss and bandages because nothing was
      scanning at their AD circular prices. Glad WAG doesn't
      have that problem.

    • FU

      a stockholder



      but you must have been contemplaiting disabled license plates for this name, right?

    • first of all I do indeed work for WAG, not
      RAD.....second, if you work the holidays and part of your
      vacation, it is you who should get a life....smell the
      roses ...take the wife out...go to amovie with the
      kids....and get out of the store sounds like your
      life is one dimensional....wag wag wag wag....there is
      more to life than me I know...16 yrs ago I
      was hospitalized for 17 days in critical
      condition....quality of life is very important...much more than
      bragging (I am talking about drugrunner)about how great
      things are because you have stock options and made money

    • Just what is your point? Who do you work for, RAD?
      It sounds like someone form RAD! Get a life.

    • list or a link to it.?,Anyway good day for WAG
      today. I wonder how Bgem had to do with it.?Also there
      is a move back to large caps as the market moves to
      growth stocks.Year end prediction for WAG remains @
      42,STAY TUNED LONGS WAG may even see a bigmove after the
      web page is 100%,at the end of September.

    • American Express Top 100 list of retailers, as published in Stores Mag., Wag #14....Rite Aid #19.

    • no one ever said the insiders were making 7
      figures a year....but the bottom line is when insiders
      are selling chunks of stock worh between $1,000,000
      and $12,000,000, well that is more than just raising
      some funds to pay bills........oh yeah...before I
      forget,,,the avg DM receives close to $100,000 starting I would imagine the regionals are starting near
      $150,000 - $175,000.....before bonus and
      incentives.......I really do not think they are hurting
      financially.....not enough to have to sell millions of dollars of
      stock at least.

    • your posting of "there is a cleanup in aisle
      seven for me" shows just how little class/tact you
      have....when you are proven wrong you resort to such "classy"
      postings....u sure you have a college degree?

    • during the first part of this year
      Rubio,Kraiss,Polark, Halaska,Atlas and Brunner have all sold stock. In
      some cases they recieved over $1 million for the sale.
      All of these sales were planned 144 sales and were
      option sales. Not one of this people sold off their
      holdings only options. Why not sell at $28-$30 when you
      are buying at $2 - $4 per share. I think that all of
      these people have Wags best interest in mind and are
      smart investors. Don't we all eant to make money???? In
      the case of Mr Kraiss he still has close to 200,000
      shares of company stock. At $28 per share that equals
      $5.6 million. If he wanted out because he knew
      something wouldn't he be selling more?????

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