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  • pumkin6996 pumkin6996 Jul 29, 1999 4:14 PM Flag

    Thanks 4 not berating me!!

    For those of you who responded to my previous
    note, thanks for not freaking out on me.In all honesty
    I mostly like my job beleive it or not.I felt as
    though working for Walgreens was a career choice not
    just a job.I am just soooo frusterated with our
    current manager!!!!
    I am happy to hear that the
    problems in our store are isolated. Our manager does not
    encourage us to work as a team.In fact many of us think he
    likes it better if we do not get along.We cannot go to
    him with any kind of problem because he does not keep
    it to himself.When he gives a compliment it is in a
    negative way. Defeats the whole purpose of a compliment.A
    recent example:"Your hair cut looks nice did they use a
    I have been with the company going on five
    years.I recently tried to transfer and found out later he
    told the other manager I didn't know how to do certain
    things that I DO know how to do to discourage him from
    taking me.I am not the first person he has done this
    A position recently opened and three of our asst.
    mgrs. told him I would be perfect for the job.I already
    knew how to do most everything the position required.I
    applied for the position and he told me "I was his #1
    choice, the first person that came to his mind."He told
    three other people in out store that also and had
    already chose someone else from another store!!!!All I
    ask for is some honesty and no head games.

    Another position came up and I was recommended again and
    he gave it to one of his "favorites".She is lost.She
    had previously been fired by another manager at
    another Walgreens and was unrehireable.He hired her back
    and she is rude to EVERYONE and everyone is afraid of
    Well there is so much more but I wanted to just give
    you a idea of our little store.Maybe now you
    understand a little where I am
    coming from.Sorry for
    those managers I offended by putting you in fishbowl.As
    Harrys dad says from N.Court"But I'm feeling much better

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