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  • w4095 w4095 Oct 6, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    Heavy uptick volume

    Funny how one day later the stock is suddenly up
    and still up after 10 a.m. I still say somebody read
    my message and got nervous about getting caught.
    Just a theory.I have 3 relative who are brokers and
    yes manipulating goes on all the time and a handful
    of time, charges of illegal manipulating have stuck.
    So I will continue to watch and see if it gets

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    • up from here. with wag history of solid earnings,
      and with the future earnings only to expand, wag is
      one of the most solid companies in the market. look
      at its long term chart. its steady uptrend, in the
      long term, is matched by few. this year is an
      adjustment year with all the new stores and the online thing
      coming into play. wag does not have long before it
      catches up to where it should be trading. i think on its
      next short term uptrend, it will keep going up and not
      look back. funds are going to start piling into wag, a
      secure and profitable stock, for the new millenium. the
      time to buy is now before it starts to take off.

    • I have a feeling that WAG is trying to figure out who a number of employees are on here. That was not just meant at you, drugrunner.

    • I don't need to go to businees school to let
      someone else make up my mind for me.I very well
      understand the principle of borrowing money to invest in
      inner-growth of a company.Lets see Mr. MBA is this called
      Leverage?? What do I know only those who have the proper
      degrees can regurgitate what there taught.Walgreens uses
      a different kind of lever {leverage}, this lever
      influences institutional investors who appreciate a strong
      financial balance sheet.Been doing it for decades.They,I,WE
      LIKE the fact that when things go sour,or there's a
      bump in the road .We have the lever of borrowing IF
      needed.You see if you have a POSITIVE enough cash flow
      borrowing is not needed, INVESTORS like little/NO DEBT it
      assures them the company is MORE SOLID then its
      competitor.Mr Jordnt illustrates this point when speaking to
      MBA Schools.Maybe you didn't hear his talk because if
      you had you can make up your mind for yourself
      concerning the topic at hand......I Must be delirious.What
      narcoleptic would you prescribe for me?? Haldol?
      Trifluoperazine? Or do you think a newer agent would be more
      suitable, I assume you know the drug side of the drug
      industry better than I............

    • If the current correction drops WAG under $20 I'll probably add to my position. But I don't expect that to happen - there's been too much support every time WAG drops under $24.

    • Normally I don't answer ignorant people, but your
      name serves you well. You have no idea what this was
      about and I'm sure you wouldn't understand if I
      explained it to you. Garbage in, garbage out, talking about
      your brain matter. Matter could be solids, liquids or
      gases, I can only assume it's gases from the bayou. Time
      to go fishing bubba!

    • Phuck Ewe!
      Sure are a whole lot of unhappy
      faces today.
      I suggest that most of You are better
      suited as traders vs. investors.

      So lets make
      some quick money.

      Buy momentum and what is now


      Buy what is hot and come back to WAG @ 22
      3/16.....GOODluck.....Long WAG

    • "what type of shop would you like next to your school. pawn shop/ gun shop"

      You know, that's not even funny. What the
      !@#$%?! is wrong with you?

    • Young dudes will have to learn. Unfortunately,
      wisdom is accrued over a long period of time. WAG, also
      is beneficial to those who are wise enough to look
      at the company on the basis of a long period of
      time. How many other large companies have no debt and a
      history of increasing profits, increasing dividends and
      great wealth for those who are long for a long, long
      time.Sorry, young dudes, we can't satisfy your "pressing"
      needs. Instant satisfaction is not possible with WAG.

    • Perhaps Walgreens should do a focus group before
      they start building stores on top of each other in our
      communities. They are not hearing what these people are
      saying!!! And they ARE saying they ENOUGH!!!!!

    • I don't know about break even, but Walgreens will have their October numbers out this week. Am keeping my fingers crossed

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