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  • Nasdaqi Nasdaqi Jul 31, 1998 2:16 PM Flag


    Someone came in with 15000 bid at 9, about
    This stock's driving me crazy, going down 3/8 on

    couple thousand shares.
    I own a lot of this one for
    stable income, the way its
    trading, I think I will
    switch to MU now.
    Management, start a share buy back
    program!!! Don't
    let manipulators take over.

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    • How strange is it that there was only a movement
      of 1/8 to 3/16 with a one time volume of 100,000
      shares. As you stated we see larger swings with much
      smaller volume.

      For how many quarters has CWN paid
      20 cents a share dividends? This is only my 2nd
      quarter with them. I see that preferred dividends were
      not paid during this time in 1997. If I was confident
      that the current level of dividends was etched in
      stone for the future, I would consider buying more to
      lower my cost basis.Then I woundn't worry about the
      price as much and re-invest all the dividends. See Ya!

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      • That 100k shares look like a buy, but then
        thers's also
        a seller out there. My guess is fund
        managers shifting
        portfolio. Dividend looks safe,
        unless we have a real
        recession that knocks retailers
        off their feet.
        CWN used to pay like 30 cents 4
        years ago, then it announced
        the reduction and price
        dropped from 13 to 7. The problem
        was they had older
        malls needing refurbishing and occupancy
        was less
        than 70%. Its much better now.