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  • ambesthoff ambesthoff Aug 2, 2010 8:15 PM Flag

    feedback requested

    The vxx!!!!! Every time i buy this stock i loose. Playing at 32.00 a share sold it bought over 1 month ltr at 22.15 x 300 shares. I want 24,15 or 23.15 now maby even at 22.25? Do you see this happening???? Where do you see this going? Its scating its low right?

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    • Yes, vxx will go higher-no doubt - but when?
      -long-term: definitely cannot escape econ data indefinitely...'dbl-dip' in Aug, Sept, Oct??? Or, fill the gaps all the way down to spx 1020'ish???
      -inter-term: depends on volatility of course, some bears discount this rally as volume is low and attribute the buying to hft...others, bulls, maintaing this rally is sustainable due to 'good' earnings reports and 'stabilized' euro debt issues... go figure.
      Personally, I am a bear and think the bulls drank too much kool-aid :)
      -short-term: expect any direciton...
      Clearly, the market is getting ready for a significant move either way...
      IMHO, capital preservation is key!!! most importantly, peace of mind is everything.
      Strategy: follow the signals of the market...not what you think it will do
      If your current situation is making you unhappy then sell AND live to trade another day...(just my opinion)
      If you can stay home and trade, then ride the waves, ie. FAS. SSO the rallies and FAZ. SDS. VXX the dips...these vehicles are for trading...not holding,,,there is decay on LT
      If you cannot day trade, then use stops to limit your losses.
      In the meantime, follow the techs on the spx or the spy for this week, especially Friday with the employment news...imho, market MIGHT go sideways till then and move either way....again, we shall see...there is too much manipulation in the market..gotta be quick to change sides. GL
      PS. Learn about tech is not 100% but it helps. I am a newbie to day trading and find that techs help. People on boards will always have different's fun and informative to read opinions; however, in the end one must trust their own... ;-)
      BTW, you are not alone...many were caught by surprise with this rally and wonder what is to come next...

    • i think in a week or two we see 25

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