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  • bigmofo2525 bigmofo2525 Nov 29, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

    Welcome to the Federal Stock Market of the United States

    In Bernanke we trust...

    Seriously, what happened to free capitalism in this country??

    They're using your tax dollars to subsidize the stock market..WTF

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    • I'm shocked at how blatant the Federal Reserve bank is at blowing bubbles and maybe more shocked at how the Treasury (our US government) is so intertwined with this Fed Ponzi scheme. There must be a rule that banks can't use the money to short the market (thus the long bias). But we need to keep in mind that banks should know when to take profits (for year end books). If oil and gold keep the uptrend, then Houston we have a problem. Their goal should be to keep Stagflation going for at least a couple of years until this housing mess is cleaned up. We are walking a tight rope and so far it's going according to plan for Ben. One mistaken policy is all it takes. But we must also not forget the masses(the people of Ireland, Portugal, ...US). If people were truly educated and absorbed to the downwind consequences we face, they would definitely protest the direction they are taking us. Switching from Democrat to Republican and back and forth is pretty much meaningless. Both parties are working for the rich and powerful. i.e. extension of Estate tax at zero !!! while freezing Fed workers pay... now we know who Obama works for

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