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  • golftheband_onemanshow golftheband_onemanshow Oct 20, 2011 6:55 PM Flag

    brentgolf: so full of s**T he squeaks

    He claims he has multiplied his money by 6 times in the past 6 months and that he "always uses a 10% trailing stop." He also claims he's very disciplined and never exposes himself to huge losses.

    Total rubbish. Are we really to believe that some guy in Taiwan posting from a coffee shop is THE SINGLE GREATEST INVESTOR IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? Hmmm, seems a little suspect to me!

    And he claims to have been making these returns for years. Well, do the math. He must be worth $100 million or MUCH more by now. What a fricking joke. I don't understand why these clowns get on here and post their lies- guess it makes them feel better.

    Even funnier is he won't disclose ANYTHING about his so-called "system" which allows one to make 30 years worth of market returns in 6 months with NO RISK. Perhaps because the "system" doesn't exist.

    If he really is trading money, I hope it blows up on him soon (and believe me it will). He'll end up owing his broker money, of that you can be sure.

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    • He was saying what a great place TaiPei is...well after Google Satelliting it and surrounding island, it doesn't look that great to me.

      No residential housing areas, where does everyone live? The city streets are narrow and crowded. Honestly, it looks quite dumpy.

      Maybe I missed something, who knows.



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