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  • chopthis777 chopthis777 Nov 2, 2011 8:31 AM Flag

    Some are wise, some are otherwise. WW III coming?

    Making mistakes is to be a human. Continually insisting on wrong information or wrong understanding is to be a fool. Sadly no one has any saying on what another individual thinks or says about anything for each is responsible for his/her affairs.

    Despite my honest effort to shed some light into the truth (by raising “questions” so one can search out the matter), there are plenty of people who either refuse to see the truth (because they don’t want to do their own fact finding verification) or have an ulterior motive.

    While some don’t, obviously some get it.

    QE3 has been on the table covertly behind scene working overtime but it is coming to the store near you soon enough. Will the market “like” the news? Seeing so much perversion in the market, I won’t be surprised to see them spinning this as a good news. No matter what they do on the short term, the long term end game is still the same - loss of lives and properties by the masses.

    A full scale war - call it World War III, if you like - is in full swing, again covertly operating overtime! Place of fighting? Usual suspect of Middle East (all the way up to Afghanistan and beyond) and the ENTIRE Northern Africa. You still think Libyans kicked out Kaddafi on their own? Sure they did just like how Iraqis kicked out Sadam on their own. Any and all place China might be interested in forming some type of treaties or “joint development” will turn into a soup of conflicts if it isn’t already.

    Things are unfolding right before our eyes but the masses will never “see” it because they are choosing to be a “comfortable” fool (either blissfully ignorant or biased bigot) rather than “working” seeker of truth; digging out for the facts behind the scene.

    The real military conflict between the “Old” (US and Europe) vs. “New” (China) is at full boiling point - ready to make its grand appearance to the forefront of the world. What’s really interesting is the fact that they are sponsored and thus controlled by the same; just like the first 2 W.W.s. As ugly as war is, it sure gets the “job” done; corralling of the masses in line with what THEY want them to do and BE.


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    • Of course it is coming, but when is the question.

      Just like the next depression is coming, but when.

    • Thank you for your kind words once again. I like how you “define” ego. I think I will borrow that one from you for future usage, if that's ok with you.

      My thought on being a "good man" is this. I don't think we can ever be really good - in sight of God with His requirement for perfection - until we leave our ego and body behind. I still get the temptation just like any mortal would because I still have my body and ego with me.

      The way I try to imagine is that hopefully I am standing on truth (again God knows), a journey if you will. At the end of this physical existence, I will no longer need this earthen vessel (my body and mind; aka ego) and God will - again hopefully - give me a brand new body and mind to "live in". Then, and only then, I will be truly good absent of any innate desire to go contrary to the will of God; truth.

      Temptation of pride is a strong one and I would rather not go there if I can be found to be worthy of God’s care. Just realizing that I’m not my possession - such as my body and my mind - was a huge blessing from Him already.

      I know that all will be revealed at the end so we all must strive to do God's will in our lives.

      God bless.


    • Chop....I have been reading your posts and know where you are coming from. But IMHO we are a ways off from a one world GOV. Although I do see the process unfolding. Unto thy onself be true, fill your heart with love and compassion as it will conquer all.

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      • Telling it like it is how one fills heart with love and compassion. Truth is the prerequisite for everything that is decent and good. Take away the truth and all that's left is just more of the sugar coated poisons that destroys the one who consumes.

        I understand how my posts sound negative. But all my posts are just the means to the end. Once we know what is going on - both the wrong and the ugly, then we can do something about it - yes, in love and compassion of course. But any love and compassion wrapped around deceits (therefore nullifying any potency it might have had) will only keep people deeper into the slumber of their own destruction.

        If our hearts are to be filled with love and compassion, we must stand on truth first. My posts are my effort to be true to myself. Everyone has to find his/her “calling” to make his/her stand, individually. But all who stand on truth eventually will come together as one - naturally without any artificial or arbitrary force.

        Thank you and God bless.


    • QE3 is already in the works - it’s pretty much a done deal, they just haven’t made it “official” yet - to be followed by QE4, QE5, ad infinitum. Of course QE’s are not very “popular” so there needs to be counter force - in form of asset deflation and other measures of “pain” - to get the masses to get behind them. So it’s the perverted rat race down the tube; sort of like watching the sausage being made.

      So what does this mean for the market price action? Simple, it will go UP and then DOWN and repeat. Like the stirring of sauce as it continues to cook - they wouldn’t want the sauce to stick to the pan. Also all this “talk” of the gold/silver price rising - hey, stupid you are printing more “money” so where will it go? - is just a “primer” to get the masses ready for what’s coming (higher prices on everything they need), so they won’t be too shocked about it.

      The “writing” is on the “wall” as always, all one has to do is study the source “code” to decipher what it means.


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      • Doesn't it make you sick about the Afghan war? Why in world are we there now and staying until 2014? When they said the other day they would back Pakistan in a war against us? American people are just plain dumb not to see what is going on.

        Decided to pretty much be one of them. It has been rather refreshing not to follow market as much or what is going on in world. Its coming to an end soon in one form or another soon. Not much any of us can really do. Chop, you should get a new hobby and get out of it. Give up. At least we are fairly set compared to the real poor in this country. We might join them but for now we can enjoy what we have. At least we will have a lot of company at the bottom just like those Wall Street Occupiers. What will come of it? Not much until real violence.

    • You are right Chop there are things going on behind the scenes that many don't realize. Having Obama in power brought a lot of it about. What looks like happen to me is they put him in power to run us all into debt which puts more control on the US people. This allowed him to give up our resources to the rest of the world. Which it turn made a deal with the Arab world to overthrow rogue governments to gain more control of those people. It is the way to a one world government disguised by a bunch of countries. If that makes sense. Doesn't mean its happening or true just what I feel and usually I am right in long term.

      So we are already in WW3 if you ask me. But its a different war over resources and Elite. Its a Class War on a grand scale. Will this eventually blow up and a country will stray and say hell with it lets have a real war to get rid of populations? Possibly. It really depends on the Mu$lim countries to cause it because they have the most power in a WW3. You can get the masses to do whatever you want there because of the Koran and what it preaches. Eventually I think there is no way to stop it until WW3 and the destruction of these major religions. Depends if Technology can control the human population fast enough to stop it from exploding.

      Enough crazy talk. :) As for now don't think China is the enemy. They have been a very peaceful country for years. They deserve their share of the pie now. Plus on other side of world. US and China will meet in middle somewhere. Which means they will rise and we will fall. We will gain more control and they will relax. That is why its not really a communist country anymore.

      They have a lot further to go and a lot more resources to use to get anywhere close to us in using them. Which means we are going to fall a lot further in coming years. At least our poor and middle class.

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      • Long, why do you place our debt burden only on Pres. Obama. It's true that the administration has led a Keynesian response to our recession, but the recent addition of trillions to our national debt can be attributed to the supply-side economics and warmongering of the past administration. (Of course, we had a big debt load before Bush.)

        But under Bush: $1.5 Trillion for his tax cuts, which fueled the recent bubble; $450 Billion for Medicare Part D, which allowed Big Pharma to get its asking price for new drugs; and then the Iraq War, which has already cost over $1 Trillion and some say will end up costing over $2T by the time we finish paying for clean-up and veterans' medical costs.

        So, when the markets fell and the credit crisis ensued, Bush admin bailed out the financial institutions to the tune of $780 Billion, which was necessary in my opinion, but kicked the can down the road when it came time to enact real policies. Obama has put about $1.5 Trillion into stimulus efforts and would like another $500 Billion. This is Keynesian, meaning that the government is trying to create demand in the economy to stimulate it. Did it work? Well, Obama would say that it did because it could have been much worse. But it's hard to prove a negative.

        But we can't let ourselves believe that our current debt load is a product of Obama policies. His admin took over in crisis and reacted with a philosophy they believe in. The Bush admin believed in its supply-side policies too, but they just can't believe that the recession is a product of that failed economic theory.

        Trivia: Did you know that the national debt tripled under Ronald Reagan's presidency?



      • Long,

        I didn’t mean to sound that China is U.S. and Europe’s enemy - although it did sound that way based on the way I wrote it. There are really NO real enemies in grand scale because they are all playing their parts in the chessboard if you will. I guess I will call the ignorance of the masses as their enemy but other than that it’s all just business as usual.

        As far as Mu$lim goes, I think you are right but don’t underestimate the Chinese populations either. Chinese aren’t indoctrinated in religious beliefs so much but they are indoctrinated by different breed of poison that muddles their individual ability to think for oneself. And they have the European (US too) to thank for that - namely the allure of “capitalistic” society’s dream of “better life”. Chinese will do basically anything - just as we do - for “money” and success and that can be a powerful instigator of craziness.

        So eventually IF and WHEN WWIII (which by the way I agree it’s already on its way just like QE3) manifests itself in the world theatre as an all out war, I think both the Mu$lim AND Chinese will take the center stage somehow. US military might will be there as a “deterrent” or a “righteous referee” maybe. Hey, that sounds just like WWI and WWII, doesn’t it? Funny how the history seems to rhyme again and again.

        As for the class warfare, absolutely. The goal of the N.W.O. is to OWN everything via absolute control over everyone. And having these pesky middle class people who have the economic wherewithal to possibly THINK for him/herself is a threat they can’t tolerate. So that’s why people are being pushed with 2 even 3 jobs to make ends meet. Keep them busy so they can’t read/think for themselves. They already have the poor in their back pocket and use them to keep the rest of the sheep in the check. Yes, fight (compete) with each other for the “prize” while the owners slaughter at will. Crazy talk? I wish you and I were crazy and the world isn’t anything like what we see.


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