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  • dfxoconnor dfxoconnor Feb 11, 2012 8:12 PM Flag

    News from the parliament floor

    There are discussions that it's the Germans who actually owe Greece almost a trillion in reparations from the war. Awesome up yours by some cabinet members but too bad they are all a bunch of wussies and won't stand up to it.

    Gotta love the thought process here, never forget your enemies. I can't wait to see the Greek government grow a pair, say f off to the German's, blow off the imposed austerity and default on the IMF and everyone else. Build a new government, a new currency and start anew. It will be painful but so is this crap.

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    • It's simple actually, let Greece Default, Bank of America takes over the banking system, and the Greeks make the license plates and prosper.

    • I agree. Greece has great worth, and Greeks do not need all this austerity crap thrown down their throats. They should go it alone, and perhaps partner up with a wealthy nation at least until back on their feet.
      Amazing how a desert sitting on a river of oil never has financial concerns, but a beautiful prime resort destination that is rich in history and culture cannot overcome its debts.

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      • They CANNOT afford their lifestyle and corruption (they don't collect taxes from half of who are supposed to be paying) is entrenched and rampant. Ask Mexico how hard it is to weed that out. That is also a beautiful country with mostly very fine people (mostly).

      • 80% of the bailout money will go back to the banks and outside of the country. 20% will be to subsidize Greece for another year.

        There is no other way but default.

        This bailout is for CDS holders not for Greece and people that are forced to live in poverty to pay this debt are out there on the streets of Athens fighting for decency.

        Better to die standing and fighting then live on your knees.

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