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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Apr 4, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    VIX up 5% and VXX up 2.3% today- PROOF VXX is going to fall hard

    Oh boy! I am going to save someone here. If you bought it today you have lost and it was up 7-8%.

    What makes you think if the VIX rises 10% you will make anything. It just DID!!

    I wish I could find all you fellas and have you just do direct deposit to me. But I am thankful for those who do not read the prospectuses.

    I got burned only once not reading the prospectus on FAS years ago. I vowed that to never happen again.

    All time lows mean nothing. I simply means that news lows bring more lows...nothing else. You picking the bottom on VXX is like picking the bottom on FSLR or Sprint or Research in Motion.

    I'm sorry I shouldn't get so involved. I do not trade to survive, I have the luxury of doing it for fun but I know for certain 90% of people here are trying to get ahead. Buying VXX is not a way to do that. I'm just trying to help.

    This product will 100% cross its all time low sooner than it will go to 20!

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    • You're just talking your book. Brought nothing to the party. Most people trading this stock understand the dynamics and for your information I made money on UVXY today, lot's in fact. I came into the day owning 600 shares, bought 400 more in premarket and blew them out at 16.94. Gave a bit back when I repurchased 500 shares at 16.13, but I will make 5-10% on them tomorrow. All leveraged short ETFs look like they are going to zero in a bull market, and to the moon in a bear.............take a deep breath, you likely know far less than most of the people of here.

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      • You might be right about that. I know what I know and I found out that I am not as quick and precise at you to pick bottoms and tops multiple time throughout the day. I just try to deal in absolutes when I trade and this is absolutely going to 0. I do not have to pick tops or bottoms.

        I did pick a top in a stock called ABIX back in 2004 though! Only once out of 100's of thousands of trades. You are undoubtedly a lot smarter than me.

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