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  • philby7777 philby7777 Jul 23, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    I just shorted VXX

    After covering all my VXX on friday for the first time in 1.5 years, I have decided to scale back into VXX short.
    It is up 14% since my cover price, spot VIX is up 25%.

    It is been a long wait ! all 1 trading days!

    I am prepared to short more VXX in roughly +10% increments.
    Hoping for some more panic in the next few weeks.

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    • Smart move bud. Good for you. I am sitting out for a while on VXX and waiting to see what happens. But a short is generally a winner!

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      • to not short VXX on a spot VIX jump of 25% would be criminal on my behalf especially consdering I didnt have any VXX short in my account.

        When I saw VIX at 25% and VXX up 11% I couldnt help myself! up a nice 2% since my move this morning. It could be short lived.

        JUst keekp in mind - todays sell off is welcomed by 90% of active fund managers. I call it a 'relef' sell off. The big boys wanted a sell off since most of them missed the low volume rally the past month.

        Any postive news now from Europe caould spark a 2-3% pop in SPX.

        The amount of money in T-bonds is insane. This money will flow into stocks, just dont know when the T-bond bubble will pop.

    • Good luck with that, you should have waited. This is going to explode and you won't have to wait a day to look incredibly stupid be the end of the day.

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