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  • con_law_misery con_law_misery Jul 26, 2012 8:45 AM Flag

    do.john, wes

    You say you won't get back short until this hits 18- what makes you think this is going to happen? Seems like that would be a very unlikely target.

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    • You are a very weird person. I did not cover at exactly $12.50 you retard. I had 50,000+ shares I do it in blocks!! It was a number dummy. It was around there.

      I find myself explaining this to you because I do really think you are retardes.

    • Caught in a lie! I found ur post from 7/17 saying you covered all that day, and the day's low that day was 12.62! Stop lying and telling us you covered at the EXACT BOTTOM!!!

    • I have been following and trading VXX well over a year, and know how dramatic the moves may be, up or down. This is typically a highly volatile period for market, thru October, and sometimes early to mid November.
      Because I am heavily bullish with my overall portfolio at the moment, I have enough risk on investments, and, if anything, need to add more protection to my account, since I took a significant amount of my risk protection off following the 3 day triple digit loss on the DOW of recent.
      As I add in protection today, and going forward, then, should we hit another major wave of volatility, and VXX soars to the 18 to 20 range, then I will start strategically adding VXX puts to my portfolio while riding out the volatile period with a well protected portfolio.
      Depending on macroeconomics, and the performance of the market over time, I may at some point adjust the VXX target for getting back in, but for now, VXX 18 to 20 range would reqire that a major amount of market turmoil would have passed, before I entered my trade.
      As VXX sinks lower, I will likely, afterwhile, adjust that range down some.
      This is the "art" of my trade, not computer driven or based on chart data, just my gut instinct after watching the market and macro environment, like a hawk, for the last several years.

    • always amusing when you rookies start asking for advice from your "heroes"


    • You should be short all the time UNLESS we are in a period of backwardation, period.

      Otherwise it is just gambling.

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