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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Sep 6, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Tried my best to warn you.

    Short VXX is a gift for retail like nothing I've ever seen through its own design. In addition you have Global Coordinated Central Banking and now the beginnings of the creation of the monetization of Europe!!! Over a billion people where legislators are feverishly drafting law that will allow them to place a debt on every man woman and child. Unlimited money for the next 100 years. $100 trillion I would say.

    You laughed about DOW 18,000, Gold $2300, Corn +$10, Oil $150. It will all happen and even part way through this program the actual VIX will hit all time lows below 10. This is all before inflation happens and will just be the result of unlimited money printing!!

    It is so obvious it is scary. What's even more scarier is that no one in a money management position sees it coming, still making short bets! Hahaha. They make it easy for me to poach clients.

    God bless Barclays and all the Central Bankers. May all their dreams and ambitions come true! ;)

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    • Best argument i've seen yet on this board. This market is going much much higher.

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      • Yes with out question. It is illegal to come outright and tell you to mortgage your house and sell your children to place that money in the market but that effectively is what has been suggested. Anyone not invested will be left behind and in a generation their children will be car wash attendants unable to afford the bus to highschool through their property taxes. This is not a moral judgement play this is the game now folks.

        We will 100% cross all time highs in the DOW and probably eclipse 16,000 in short order. This is all going to happen BEFORE inflation begins to set in, in another 10 years. You would want to be heavy into Real Estate by that time. We have just purchased another rental property in anticipation of this and hope to have many more with in 10 years. Short VXX allowed us some lee-way I assure you. ;)

    • I'm awake now thanks, would you share your view on best shorting vehicle for a novice?

    • I'll admit i bought here @ 10.40 thinking there may be a little sanity come back come tomorrow or week end. Anyway, no big deal holding for short periods of time when it hits new lows esp. like this huge drop. Done it before and it's worked out OK.

      Unlike others, I don't pretend to know what will happen tomorrow, but this Bull Market doesn't make much sense to me on any level.

    • God bless this etn and my ability to short and support every financial desire i have.

      keep doing gods work wes! Hahahah weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Alas I suspect we will have a cleansing of the board again, only paper, John, midget and a few others to chat amongst ourselves. So sad to see all that money burnt up! They really should have aptitude tests for brokerage accounts. :(

      We will miss the group of longs who fought valiantly! You fought hard and your sacrifice will not be in vein! Us shorts will commemorate you while our kids attend private school or just a silent moment while we gas up the Bentley! Good luck to you!


      Welcome new longs! Please place your money in the drop box by the door and grab a complimentary fruit on your way out! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

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