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  • golftheband_onemanshow golftheband_onemanshow Sep 14, 2012 6:37 PM Flag

    Will this hit $12 by October end what do you all think?

    Seems to be more thoughtful posting here, I am all in UVXY at 55 which means I need the futures to go up around 33% or so- which means I need VXX to hit the 12.20 area, ignoring compounding from UVXY. How likely is this to hit 12 in the next month or so? It has gone on a few 33% runs this year and I need another.

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    • sinnister1 Sep 14, 2012 6:59 PM Flag


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      • sinnister1 Sep 14, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

        To put less bluntly, the market is due a sell off, even as many companies are still undervalued if you follow average p/e. This is b/c the same ones that stepped aside or went on exotic vacations with their manipulation/short interest "smart money" have kept them undervalued as it is easier to make a stock go up rather than down. Their vaca's are about to be over, as this was all an attempt to get Bernanke to give the financials more cash to prevent THE CRASH from just happening and blindsiding the "elite money". Since we're at a top that can't be reconciled by any country's economic fundamentals, a sell off will happen pretty much off any viable news, and if a war happens, it would be the perfect opportunity for a mini/flash crash heavily shorted by the elite money w/volume. They didn't want to risk their money in case Bernanke was actually principled, but Christmas bonuses are do. Expect heavy put buying off any news and the Bernanke sugar high to wear off shortly, camo'd with the understood notion that October is the month for crashes and market contraction. It will be done, unless there's a war slower, but the VIX will tell b/f anything else. 12 is being modest IMHO, I look closer to 15.

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    • This will go down next week ... It went up today as the traders closed the trades for Friday .. The market is churning up higher next week barring something uneventful happening ...

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      • jondow69 Sep 14, 2012 7:58 PM Flag

        hey stock i see a pull back next week, not a down draft, but a pull back, today/yesterday, IMHO, the market got a heavy short squeeze which rocked it, it was getting tired going into the FOMC, i feel we'll get to 1410-1440 at least. went up to far/to fast. as far as a seel off, no, at least not yet, but riding higher to say 1500 next week? hey man, what ever. i see higher gas/food/ etc. but every time gas smacks at above 4$, we slide back, and by me, its 4.33$ a gallon right now. so wait and see. but 100$ oil is bad news. JMO. as far as VXX, this POS, is a day trade, never hold over night, for every time it pops over night, 9 times it'll run ya over with a 18 wheeler. jmo and g/l. do your own DD, just my opinion.

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