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  • csaintswin csaintswin Oct 4, 2012 4:31 PM Flag

    They dropped this on purpose today...... $9.25-$9.50 then SELL into it

    As it creeps back down...... So manipulated GLTA

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    • You heard of contango? It's not manipulated it's how it is designed. Go read the prospectus. Go do some due diligence. If it wasn't for reverse splits and fools like you this thing would be $0.

      Did you even bother to look at a chart to see what always happens during the first 10 days of the month?

      You should probably prepare for a 6-10% drop tomorrow.

      If you weren't smart enough to buy PUTS when this thing went back above $9 you clearly have not been paying attention. That $9.50 was a gift last week and you were probably not smart enough to realize that and you probably bought CALLS thinking it was going to $10. Better yet you probably are so dumb that you think the 4-1 reverse split will quadruple your investment overnight.

      It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.

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      • Actually, contango is down to only around 10%/month. The drop of several percent per day is mostly due to the futures dropping. Better than expected economc news and (IMO) whatever the NFP numbers tomorrow are, they will be interpreted as good news and VXX will go down even more.

      • Ok genius.... I get it your smart I am dumb........ I play here with CHUMP change....... Big $$ i have in CLRX HEB is going to pop in a month and VVUS i going to $30's easily when theri next drug is apporoved. Biotech is where y $$ is ROSG etc........ thsi is a game. Yes 6-10% every month except TOMORROW ........... GL my fied I bow to your superior intellect LOL

    • So what happened to all the weekly calls you bought? I know you won't admit it now but we all saw your post where you claimed to load up on weeklies which are now assured to expire worthless. You've been here periodically pumping this crap since it was 3X higher- can't believe you have any money left by now.

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