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  • buy_it_back_lower buy_it_back_lower Jan 16, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

    Wes your take on this.

    "Republicans saying they want spending cuts else they will not bend down and increase debt ceiling. In the end we know what will happen. "

    You understand that Obama WANTS the crisis, Obama FEEDS on the crisis, Obama CREATES the crisis. The ONLY way anything is 'done' in DC is via the crisis.

    His latest pathetic exercise of emotionalism was to insist that we do a bunch of things that dont work and endanger our safety and liberty in the name of the 'children'... never mind that the only gun control that cuts crime is concealed carry, ie allowing MORE law-abiding citizens to carry guns.

    What Obama wants on the debt ceiling is a crisis *OR* 'his way' which is SPEND MONEY WE DONT HAVE ... but here's the rub. The Republicans just let a bunch of sandy pork get passed, mostly with Democrat votes. Why? If they voted no, they are attacked. The powers of wasteful spending have control in Washington and Obama will NOT cut spending without a knock-down-dragout, and his presser earlier was all about warning Republicans not to do the fiscally responsible things that he hates. So they have the high-drama act and in the end, 3 things are certain:
    - VXX will go down
    - Obama is a *^&%$&%*
    - the spending will keep going on

    Until we have a Republican Senate, America is hosed.

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