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  • wes_w_weber wes_w_weber Feb 1, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Anyone think the DOW 18,000 call was stupid anymore.

    I remember when I first noticed the game plan here to devalue paper currency to reset the system. It does not seem to outlandish any further I would say. Pull backs of course but we are going to create wealth (on a relative basis) more than any other time in human history. Enjoy it.

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    • stop the DOW in it's tracks

      this reality is ignored by every
      talking head on TV
      but history is the best teacher

      everytime $GASO hits $3.42 markets tank
      it's just a fact of life

      The FED knows it and so does the smart money

    • Or time frame. LOL

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      • When I made the DOW 18,000 call some years ago I found out that all the Gold ever mined in the World filled up two olympic size swimming pools. The tonnage is online. I also found out the total outstanding bets made through derivatives and the likes around the World. It was around 700 Trillion at the time.

        When I divided both out it suggested that Gold would have to be worth $24,000 and ounce in order for the Global system to be solvent if trust were broken and hard assets were required to value paper money.

        So in lock step I believe Countries have to coordinatingly devlaue their currencies in lock step measured moves so as to not disrupt trade until such time that Gold is closer to that $24,000 an ounce and leverage comes out of the system.

        It means all markets must rise, all currencies must head lower and Gold must head higher.

    • Depends on your timing.

    • My game plan as dollars are destroyed is to own stocks. As the measuring stick becomes smaller everything else by association becomes greater. When things hit the fan and I believe the well years out I personally would rotate into US Dollars as the financial system collapes. The dollar will spike much to the same analogy as horses running back into a burning barn. After the dollar run is complete I would rotate out of that into Gold and the play is complete while World Leaders try to create a functioning currency and Gold skyrockets - at which point you have to sell it for whatever native currency commands you life and live happily ever after. Probably a 20 year play all in all. Many other things will occur in between and i will have some fun but that I believe is the game plan for maximum return.

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      • spymmo Feb 1, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

        maybe safer to ditch the dollar play and just hold gold from now on? countries around the world are printing their currencies into oblivion I am guessing gold will start raging this year. EVERY big player wants to get into gold once other plays are done, everyone knows it is the terminal place to be after all this #$%$ is over, which makes me think now is as good time as ever to get into it.

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