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  • raincheck_dltbgyd raincheck_dltbgyd Mar 15, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    And so, the FARCE OF A MARKET, continues into yet another weekend

    I'll be happy when I see pitch forks scraping the back of Bersnake when we finally run his sorry a ~ s ~s out of this country.

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    • Raincheck, Enough already with your ignorant comments. It's either do what Bernanke is doing or have a depression. You'd be much better off had you taken advantage of the Fed's policy. You already know that $85 bil. Per month will push the markets up & pull down the Vix. What are you waiting for ? And why so bitter? Markets going up, creating wealth is a good thing that will benefit the entire country. It helps retired teachers & firemen. Buy Xiv or Svxy, take advantage of the contango. It really is that simple. GLTA.

    • This is all i am saying on this board today. The sugar fix won't last forever, it can't. Question is....when will it turn? I love this turd when markets correct, i have seen it go from 30-58 in less than a month! Nothing moves straight up like todays market. My order at 20.40 did not fill today. As this turd inches toward 20 i am buying, not with margin cause i ain't stupid, might even pick up some TVIX once a move starts!

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      • tuns212 Mar 15, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

        bass,you seem like a good trader.Let us/me know when you buy TVIX.I am just getting back into trading.56 years old and just out of hospital with spinal issue.Doing this to make extra coin.To proud to do the disability thing right now.I'll wait my turn.l
        Raincheck,you cracked me up.Have to laugh,because this situation is a mess.Sad thing is all the coked up Wall Street Exec.'s do not care,apparently our world leaders do not either.
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