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  • goodoptday goodoptday Nov 15, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    VXX 11/15/13

    Sold SVXY Dec near-the-money calls.

    ATHN calls sold expired worthless.
    FSLR calls sold expired worthless.
    NUS calls sold expired worthless.
    FB puts sold against share short expired worthless.
    50 USO puts sold against deep ITM puts expired worthless.
    26 USO puts sold against deep ITM puts finally assigned taking away 26 deep ITM puts.
    DECK calls sold assigned short.
    UAL calls sold assigned short.
    MA call sold assigned short.

    Rolled OUTR calls, USO puts, SVXY calls.

    Bought QCOM deep ITM weekly puts.

    Account a bit minus. It's been a difficult week, both work and trading. Need to rest...

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    • goodto

      i like a man who posts what he does

      i have:
      small short ITM calls VXX
      small short OTM puts SVXY
      these are keepers - (they will decay eventually and i have the capital to ride out any spikes)
      i will look to increase both significantly on the next vix spike

      small short ITM calls JCP
      will increase day before earnings

      medium short OTM calls TSLA
      medium short ATM puts on ARP BBEP LINE MEMP QRE VNR

    • Do you think VXX will hit 50 this year?

      • 1 Reply to golftheband_onemanshow
      • I don't believe the market will go straight up past S&P 1800. It may go up until the year end (and to next year) but I think there may be one or more shakeups on the way up. I do hope that VXX sees 50 again this year. Obviously, more chance to see 50 this year than next year.
        If you look back past couple of years, the market has been going up, up and up for a very long time, mostly based on easy money. If it keeps climbing this way, the end may not be pretty. But, then again, by the time it all ends, if it ends next year, VXX may end up half of what it is now.
        S&P is already at 1800, would be interesting to see where it is headed to from now...

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