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  • goodoptday goodoptday Dec 13, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    VXX 12/4/13 - 12/13/13

    Been a while, Haven't been well, computer crashed, too busy with work wrap-up before days off next week.
    Have to work just a day and a half next week before days off until New Years day. Company does not allow carrying over unused vacation days to next year at the same time pushes to finish what's assigned while taking days off. Would be sad if I have to watch the market all day during the days off.

    Want to go snowboarding this weekend or during weekdays next week but it's seems too cold. But, still I might try it to make use of the season pass. This makes me think that maybe it's a mistake to short DECK as this winter is colder at least so far.

    Closed all VXX deep ITM puts sold against VXX share short for VXX spike. However, still VXX net long, waiting for spike above 50. Would I get it next week, or is it going to collapse without spike? VXX was holding up
    well today, and I hope it continues until mid-next week.

    Closed OUTR share shorts assigned from deep ITM calls sold.

    DECK calls sold expired worthless.
    Closed SBUX Jan 2015 calls sold. Should have held onto this some more.
    Closed FDO shares short.

    Shorted PZZA shares.

    Closed all SBUX shares short.
    Sold BIDU weekly ATM calls.
    Shorted STX shares.

    Closed small portion of DECK shares short.
    Closed 10 VXX deep ITM puts sold.

    Closed 10 VXX deep ITM puts sold.
    Sold OUTR Dec deep ITM calls.
    Sold FB next week ATM calls.
    HLF calls sold expired worthless.
    BIDU calls sold expired worthless.

    Rolled USO, XOM, QCOM puts.

    OUTR forced short closing after assginment from deep ITM calls sold is working
    out well for me, as it luckily happens when OUTR dips, and I can sell
    deep ITM calls again when it comes back up.

    Account some minus today. Account retreated back down the last milestone again today. Having difficulties to keep up with everything these days...

11.17-0.28(-2.44%)Jul 22 4:00 PMEDT