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  • keltus1952 keltus1952 Mar 5, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    How many still here since TNF flop?

    That day in March 2010 was the worst of my investing life. Even though I managed to sell some at $33.10 (post split) I still had several thousand shares and my girlfriend had 30,000 shares and lost 60K in one day. I ended up giving here several thousand $$ as a form of compensation even though I begged her to lighten up ahead of time.

    Anyway, I've moved on and become much more conservative. Still dabbling with biotechs (AVNR, QCOR, HZNP, AMRN, and PRAN) but in much smaller $$ amounts each. Rob seems like the most bitter on this board and is probably damaging his life and health carrying around his resentment.

    Good luck all..........................Kel

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    • kelt, ox here, still checking in on my biggest investment loss ... ironic that my investment loss now depends on another "loss" to save it ... super big #$%$ shoot ... can you hear me now? : ) Ox

    • Are you aware of the law suit against them?

    • TNF, yuck! I landed at Logan Airport from Aruba with my husband, and on way home i was checking my portfolio with a great big smile! I managed to sell 1/2 my position, dont remember the exact prices. And then that news came out. Ouch! I remember that pumpfest that tattoo mentioned. Bad memory, Aruba was nice though!

    • I, am still here as well, I lost a nice chunk of my portfolio that late afternoon, Early evening when TNF dropped of the map For Genvec. They had been pumping the results that entire month on how it was already adding 14months to peoples lives who normally would have been dead. I fell in for the whole hook line and sinker. It was moving up nicely if I recall, I went to take out the garbage just to find out they stopped the trials and ended the TNF trials for the P.C. when I came in I felt like I was robbed while out at the curb as I was monitoring it very closely and would have sold immediately, One good thing came of it, my wife no longer asks me to take out the trash until after 8:00pm during trading trades. I still own my shares but have just not even looked at them for the longest time. I thought maybe with Norvatis on board we might come back with something they were collaborating on. That was gonna be another piece of the pie so we all thought. I will just hold the 5000 shrs maybe some day they will turn something into a cash cow. remember back then everyone ws thinking we were gonna be the next DNDN. Oh well that is how it goes on a spec. biotech stock.
      well I as well moved on Got a lot of F @$8.50 and am holding GE from$14& change also ATVI, Siri, Znga at $2.49 plus flipped a few others like NVDA and Got in & out of AApl twice last time in @$ 460 & out just over 700. Well Good luck with this disgrace.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Not one I thought was going to crater. Too much faith in Fischer and the science. Going after PC first was a bad call. Maybe hearing will save it.

    • Correction.....That $33.10(adjusted) sale I guess would be preslpit as I sold it at $3.31 on 3-9-10.


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