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  • anchorcheck anchorcheck Nov 20, 2004 8:13 PM Flag

    Analysing Glyco-biotech Companies

    This board is too quiet. You need to get some posts going.

    I'm in the process of analysing MNTA, more for the purpose of comparison to other early stage biotechs.

    I'd appreciate if people could post their synopsis of this company.

    How far along are they in drug developement?
    What is the potential market size that their compound(s) are targeting?

    I see the company has a large cash balance.

    Are there any good research reports available?

    Whats your prognosis for this company?

    Also, what other companies are you aware of in the glycobiology space? These are some that I'm aware of, however, I'm not aware of whether some of these are public:

    Glycotope (Berlin)
    Procognia (Europe)
    GlycoFi (Lebanon, NH)
    Glycominds (Israel)

    this one is public:
    Pro-Pharmaceuticals (Newton, MA) [PRW]

    I have no position in this stock, and have no association with any short sellers or other interested parties.

    Don't everybody try to post at the same time!

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    • RE: Glyco biotech companies.

      I have a research report on Neose Technologies that I wrote last me for it. I started digging into the space for some ideas after seeing some presentations in the VC sector on companies. Interesting applications on how to extend patent life of branded drugs IMO.



    • anchorcheck,

      I am with you on your questions.

      I am watching this company closely. I am reading that they said they are likely years away from a profit.

      The reason I am watching, is due to who is behind the company. Dr. Langer.

      I am already in one he started, which was up at 6 and now at 1.80, with an FDA approved product and sales just starting. SONT

      They already have completed a phase 11 trial, awaiting results, and will finish a phase 111 trial on a non invasive glucose monitor with Bayer this quarter. There will be a 3M milestone payment by Bayer if they move forward in the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

      They already have 34 potential applications in the works along with two other phase trials, one on Erythropoeitin which should be done and Hepatitis B which should be done in June.

      They are also working on large molecue drug delivery.

      They were inundated by telephone calls by vaccine mfg's and are approved for use prior to Botox injections.

      I am seeing this stock with many institutions holding shares due to the IPO, and only a couple of institutions finding out about SONT so far.

      If the first drug is as suggested, heperin generic, I can assure all, that an FDA approval is going to be required.

      I am not sure what my entry point will be here, but I will continue to watch and try to figure out the right time.

      Anyone that can give more input why now, would be greatly appreciated. More then this is going to be a 100 buck stock. Our's isn't yet, and we have more going towards making a profit right now, and were not back to a 7 buck stuck yet.



    • Nice mention of Momenta in M.I.T. magazine of innovation and technology, page 56. The story focuses on "Generic biotech."

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