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  • slimsector slimsector Aug 7, 2010 11:40 PM Flag

    Does anybody see this going >= $70

    At some time in the future of this stock, don't you see at least $70 by whatever means, buyout, technology approvals, etc...

    I think that within 4 years you will have at least quadrupled your money, very difficult to get that any other way, especially with so much assurance.

    Look at book values, assume no other approvals for M-enox, pipeline, developers' skill set, and look at $18.00. This isn't going to last long. When market value is analyzed soon, analysts' opinions will be shrugged immediately.

    Why go for beer money trading this, when a 4 bagger takes little work and two commission fees.

    If you're short, take this advice and cover in the AM on Monday, if you don't, you'll see why I'm saying this.

    See ya' on the other side of $50.

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    • No but I see it potentially going to $7!

    • I agree the 17th is a big day. I think what we saw here was consolidation. It will put in a good base before it makes an attempt to move in the high 20's over the next 6 months. This quarter is significant because it will show how much of Sanofi's business has eroded.

    • The real question is what is there technology worth. It is worth a lot more today with the approval of M-enoxaparin. If we get good news on generic copaxone this will signal to the market that the FDA is validating there technolgy on all fronts. At that point the street will start to buy this stock as a holding you must have. A lot like the Biogens, Amgens and Genentech of the origional Biotech companies. In my estimation 70 may be cheap unless you count in a few splits over several years. Right now there are still some questions about the technology that need to be answered, but I agree with Katz in the short term.

    • The immediate bull case turns on one question: When will TEVA get approval for a generic Lovenox?

      IF the answer is never or many years out, then MNTA will go to 70 unless it is bought out much sooner.

    • Hey Slim, of course it is possible, but it is the old wish, hope, dream, want that one can read on every message board for almost every stock that has at some point had good news.
      The problem is that people always believe and post like that while far less than 1% of the stocks ever achieve the results and those posts eventually fade away to be forgotten.
      A far better approach is to use analysis, never perfect, to trade and make far more than the pennies you speak of, MNTA is a great example. Buying at 26 and holding verses buying at 18-20 and selling at 26 and then using the money to buy back around 18 means a profit of >30%, rather than having a loss of>30% and done over and over can mean a 1,2, or many bagger for certain rather than hopes or dreams and tied up money for years.

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