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  • doki52 doki52 Sep 22, 2010 6:44 PM Flag


    Thanks IHUB NERDS!

    I bought this crap stock MNTA by reading Dew Diligence "Biotech Value" message board! What a TOTAL MISTAKE! How else lost a bunch on this CRAPPY Stock. I bought at 26, 24, 19, and finally 17. Nerd Dewy bought a bunch too since posts message that he bought another LOT at a certain price. I'm sure he's in the hole too.

    After approval, this CRAP just tanks!!!


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    • Mnta_to_da_crap

      just another reminder that your a nerd!

    • I would like to say THANK YOU to all the iHub "nerds!" Because of them I bought and sold MNTA several times in '09. I finally held a position in '10 and had a GTC sell order in for $25.50. It was nice to come home on 7-23 and be temp. puzzled as to why my Scottrade balance had jumped!

      I think iHub has been a valuable source of info. Trading stocks may be too much for you to handle if you're unable to do your own DD


    • I agree, I held this through the recession instead of duping it for anything else and making a double easy. I held this with all my $ locked up in it when I could have threw a dart at a double during the recession recovery. Stupid.

      It is too late now since obviously wall street are openly crooked and will manipulate any stock. Even if they cured cancer, MNTA will go down. Just doesn't make sense with all of MNTA's potetntial and the low PE that it is still able to be manipulated.

      Common sense and reason do not apply anymore. It falls after approval was the signal to get out.

      With the outrageous Jan puts at $10. I see this going down for the rest of this year.

      No way those puts will be out of the money. With this setup the puts will win. I thought the puts wold be out last month, but the puts will be in the money in January.

      Sad, but that is now your financial market. I just don't know how those wall street brokers can stay in this business.

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      • I hate to be the dullard at the party, but I thought there were two clear reasons the price is held down:

        1. Sanofi vs. FDA
        The French say the FDA gave Momenta extra help in approving their Lovenox generic. Without a ruling uncertainty prevails.
        2. Unproven Earnings
        Now that MNTA has a product, how much can it make? How long will it take Teva to catch up? Will they? Again, uncertainty.

        If I'm being naive and missing something, please let me know. If I'm getting robbed I want more information.

    • Chill! MNTA has to close the gaps all the way to $26. It might take 3-4 years though. So, take a seat and wait. BYW, I noticed that the iHub folks are not discussing this latest fiasco much. IMO, most of them are still in denial...

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