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  • investorgold2002 investorgold2002 Aug 12, 2011 7:15 PM Flag

    froy99_99=Dew Diligence=Omni-boondogg-ivist

    Dew-Diligence This is for you!

    You are an omni-boondogg-ivist

    Omni-boondogg-ivist ?
    The English language also needs a new word to describe a pied piper that is on all internet message boards(omnipresent character) that pretends to be a pundit and masquerades and boondoggles in the name of "due diligence" with little success.

    Omni-boondogg-ivists are generally known for:

    1.Pretending to know every single thing in this world
    2.Hardly have had any trace of success
    3.Wasting time on immaterial stuff
    4.Crave attention and following on internet message boards

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    • Consortium's free advice dispensation and readmefirst(Who the F wants that stupid RMF?!) continues despite being wrong on everything from
      1. Nobody(Ampha or Teva) will ever get Lovenox approval
      2. Settlement will happen before PI order is issued (can a guy be so ignorant?)

      Worst of all the guy's EGO is too big to render an apology for all the misadvice, misleading and bullying with 10k ids.

      As Koberj said this guy is like Bernie Madoff except he cannot be prosecuted.

    • Thank you for welcoming me to finance yahoo, even though I before sometime post, maybe under my many aliases

      Yes, of course, I am member great and powerful DeeDeeSee.

      All your basis points are belong to us.

    • hey Omni-boongavist

      "Investorgold doesn’t even realize that a preliminary injunction precedes the start of a trial"

      you have proven that not only you are arrogant & ignorant boondoggler but indulge in pedagogery .

      is this an ego boosting exercise for you or you are here with a hidden agenda ?

    • investorgold,

      You have gone from annoying but amusing to just annoying. Your attacks on Dew are unwarranted, but more importantly, they are completely inaccurate.

      Dew is one of the most highly knowledgeable posters I have run across. He provides a hell of a lot of excellent information, and states his opinions quite clearly. You can disagree with his opinions, as all of us can, but his read-me first is a resource of unparalleled value to anyone considering investing in MNTA.

      Take a break and enjoy life a bit then come back with a fresh and fair perspective.

      • 1 Reply to dr.vinmantoo
      • "He provides a hell of a lot of excellent information, and states his opinions quite clearly"

        There you go. You made his day:-)

        Ok. buddy . Please show us theses of his 5 winning picks where he clearly articulated his thesis of an undervalued stock and he made multi-bagger.

        Keep in mind his posts in BV board run in to 10000's.

        Go check out in AMRN IHUB board what io, ron have to say about dew. They have the exact same opinion. You disagree with him, he cannot tolerate and resorts to anything. As long as you agree with him and say "Dew. Thank you. Great info" "Dew, great post" "Dew-Ask a question" he is ok and that I guess feeds to his LARGE ego.

        Considering it is obvious that BV board is really not an attempt at serious stock picking(no history of multi-baggers that I can see) and amount boondoggling that goes on, I am wondering what his agenda is in trying to increase membership of his board ? Is it just to feed his ego ? Or is there any other agenda ?

    • Dew (how many aliases do u have man ?!)

      Biotech Values & Dew Diligence - Primer

      I always wondered what his motive is. He must have some hidden agenda. By looking at the discussion there or picks there I don't get the feeling that he or his aliases or his buddies there are successful or have had success in picking multi-baggers or are genuinely interested to find multi-baggers.

      I post <10% of what some of those posters post, I have had at least 6 multi baggers(some 8-10 times) in my last 10 years. The other stat(which is equally important) is I have looked at many many undervalued "value traps" and rightly walked away for various hidden risks after extensive due diligence.
      I think BV board is at best a boondoggling activity of the Infinitesimal degree[/b]. The funny thing as you say, you have to agree to "dew" or his aliases or his buddies and say "Guru, you are right", "Guru, Thank you", or "Guru-What is this?". The moment you question dew's ideas or statements, they start attacking you with a bunch of aliases:-)Your DHA example is one.

      If you post 5 relevant messages on a stock, he says you are "usurping" bandwidth. He posts on everything from deficit to currency to some boondoggling item called "Global demographic tailwind"

      His other arrogant(ignorant and equally misleading) posts are his when he says "see I and my BV board have been saying Teva will not be able to launch Lovenox"....with zero information or not having looked at their ANDA and analyzed it w.r.t 5 criteria...but basing it on some speculative stuff on the internet.

      [b]Not a single well articulated thesis which has been multi-bagger. So ratio of
      time value in finding low risk multi-baggers/time Boondoggling
      is 0.000001 ?[/b]

      He has been able to go to various boards (including yahoo) in inviting and cajoling them to his board so as to have 785 followers(I bet many of them are just dew's or his assistants aliases)

      I guess he craves for following and always like to get some daily messages "dew you are right" "dew thanks".

      • 1 Reply to investorgold2002
      • Incorrect sir.....I'm not DD although I would take that as a compliment....thank you :-)

        I concur with dr.vinmanto comments apropos DD and the information, time, efforts that are "invested" in presenting information on the BV board. Enjoy the weekend and please consider keeping a positive attitude towards others and their collective efforts.

        Thanks for your time and consideration......

    • Hi "pot".......

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