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  • bosshebee bosshebee Oct 25, 2011 2:39 PM Flag

    Glad I sold


    and made some money. It is hard to follow this royalty setup. Looks like royalties drop to 10-12% from 45% regardless. And I'm guessing the order will be lifted in favor of the competitor subject to an ongoing court fight. I will have to agree that these guys are not forthcoming and honest in their disclosure of the royalty situation. Probably some lawsuits in the mill.

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    • The royalty profit sharing was easy to follow. In fact it was the huge penalty for a second generic that gave a false sense of protection. How could we know that if SNY just issues another package, Sandoz would count that as another competitor! With partners like this it is no surprise that there are still 5 million shorts.

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      • what are you guys talking about? Do you even read the PR?

        MNTA has made it clear since the get-go they go to a hybrid royalty/profit if SNY were to launch an AG. They've also made it clear they go to royalty mode once another competitor launches (which still hasn't happened, yet. That could obviously change any day now if the judge lifts the PI).

        Management has been quite transparent on that front.

        Let's face it the Lovenox contract was a completely bogus deal for MNTA and shareholders. However, CW and RS were not the ones that signed it.

        If, and this is a big if, MNTA can get the PI, the royalty/profit share hybrid will not be that terrible. I've added it up to MNTa having to take in about a little over a Q worth of royalty cash before they go to profit share mode for the rest of the year.

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