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  • islb3 islb3 Oct 26, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

    ANDA approval process

    Is averaging about 2 years. Copaxone has been lingering for 4 years. Connect the dots.

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    • True, it's more costly to go short and to answer your question I'm only looking for a couple more points. And if they don't come soon I'll move off.
      About the only purpose those institutions is to provide advance notice of what's coming. If you see big block buys to the upside here it's time to run. They can't help themselves but to over buy when they get the early word.
      Been playing VRUS to the downside since the $80's based on just that. VRUS is doing some reporting next week and for the past 2 weeks volume has been increasing and they've taken it down 25%. Up a bit today but on low volume. Suspect they sense they can't take too much off the table w/o being too obvious for even the SEC sleuths to notice. At last reporting 90% was in institutional hands and they ran it up 800%. We'll see how much they hold next report. They were also nice enough to do a stock split to make it easier for the retail buyers to "participate"
      Might be interest for u to watch what transpires there over the next week or so if you're suspicious of institutions. I almost hope I'm wrong.

    • You may be totally right. I have no way of knowing who is in or out. When did they short? What price? In fact dealing with the short interest is a killer because you have to wait as long as 2 weeks for the numbers. Have you got any inexpensive way to track daily short numbers?

    • mLovenox took about 5 years
      aLovenox took about 8 years
      tLovenox is at 8 years and counting

      These are case of biologics that are vastly more complex than the small molecule drugs that can be made in a high school chem lab.

      Connect the dots.

    • The only other downside is if they don't have copaxene right.

      Do wish they would be more agressive on developing their pipeline. especilly if they truly think their patented technology is the real deal.

    • PS: I do respect your short position. You have to pay margin rates and transaction fees. What I do resent is the "institutions" who get better information because they hold big blocks and then short against that position for free. It does stack the deck. Using computer trading they can be on the right side of a trade before you or I can hit the enter button.
      On Copaxone: I have no doubt that MNTA has copied the compound exactly, and they can prove it. The company has $6 in cash. You think there is much more room on the down side?

    • Not angry just asking. Many people get on here and talk with nothing at risk either way. (it does change the way you approach the argument). I am long but welcome an honest opinion if you think we have a dog here. But most of the shorts are usually over the top with their comments and just insult people who think MNTA is on to something here. The initial concept was so appealing that some people believed they would have cured cancer (or some other nobel pursuit) by this time. I think the case is a winner, it no longer means the giant gain we expected but half a loaf in this business is not bad.

    • There is far more to consider with a complex biologic than your run of the mill small molecule. More dots for you to connect.

    • Not a surprise. Big backlog at the FDA. It took forever for Enox.

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