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  • Does anyone know who sanofi is using as an authorized generic to sell their product? I believe they closed their AG division "Winthrop" in the US so it is probably not them.

    I would like to confirm that sales have really started via IMS scrips (which would not be available 2 week lag), if they haven't launched the PI news would be HUGE, because there is no way sanofi would launch until this plays out.

    A lot of times pharmaceutical buyers try to get you to believe a launch has occurred or is about to happen to get you to lower your price, I would like to hear from someone who actually has seen generic product that is not MNTA's ndc #, if there really is no AG I agree it would be at least a $5 pop for the stock

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    • Not sure but others have said that SNY is doing the AG themselves.

      Now that aL has been blocked, SNY needs to think about just how they want to handle the AG launch.

      The patent case will likely not get to trial for a year or more and then it will take another 6 to 9 months for the appeal to be decided. So SNY can go back to the duopoly market split and settle for $1B in sales without the risk of starting a price war.

    • bdover - wouldn't MNTA's PR( after AG launch news) on trigger have stated that, if what you are stating is true

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      • For an AG you don't need any approval from the FDA the brand only slap a different label on it. The only proof is IMS prescription data showing the launch, a pharmacy showing the ndc listing for sale, or a website of the AG advertising the product for sale

        Many times it is just Sandoz being told by a pharmaceutical buyer that a launch has occured by a competitor, which really might only be an offer to sell once something occurs like a launch by amphastar, sometimes they mislead just to get a lower price from Sandoz as soon as possible, they make all their margins when a 2nd and 3rd suppllier enters the market and they try to push people to launch as soon as possible.

        I would like to see concrete proof of a launch I have been looking for it but I can not find it and IMS data will not be available for two weeks.

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