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  • koberjm1122 koberjm1122 Oct 31, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    Dew needs to pump MNTA better - @12.39

    The guy is a horrible stock picker. Avoid his picks like the plague

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    • I hear Dew has egss all over his effing face. Is that true or just a rumor? He was still pumping MNTA last week as I recall...

    • the asinine poster used to post a message every day counting the day lovenox was without a competitor. repeatedly told him posting this excessive and somewhat immaterial if the competitor comes say a year from now...messages were trying to brainwash new investors.

      saw a great post on this:
      "Do you think we should have a countdown similar to the count up for days without a competitor, like maybe something like a -$175k a day?

      If you think about it, losing $175k a day isn't bad considering that Craig's package is worth about $14k a day. $14k a day seems cheap when you consider that about 5 others earn around $4k a day.

      Can't wait for Bonus time............"

    • "Avoid his picks like the plague"

      Good one Koberj. Dew Diligence(from ihub) continues to post here with his 10k ids. Whatever his motive for pumping MNTA, the guy has zero morals. I have no reason to believe a 60 year old guy will ever learn. his values are set.
      -Nobody will get generic lovenox approved
      -Amphastar lovenox ANDA is a joke
      -There will be settlement even before a PI order in the Lovenox case against Amphastar
      -He will continue to "moderate" (delete posts that does not fit the sentiment he likes to see - whatever be his motive). He is one f'ed individual.

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