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  • loclac loclac Mar 19, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Waiting until 2015

    Finally threw the towel in. Looks like Lovenox will fade away to nothing, millions being spent on Copaxone suit that's about a 100 to 1 shot of being reversed, and no novel products until at least the end of the century.Seems like nothing but bleeding and downside until Copaxone hitsthe market in 2015. And by then there may be 3 others competing

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    • lovlac, you are a funny guy. Lovenox sales will continue to provide a nice chunk of change to MNTA, and the fee for lawyers working on the Copaxone patent is trivial. However, I did enjoy your amusing and completely inaccurate post as it smacked of true desperation and worry for your short. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, and by the way ding_king, your new alias of loclac isn't fooling anyone.

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      • loclac, First, the numbers you cite are a trivial expense, especially when one looks at the amount of revenues at stake. In any event, we will see soon enough about how the safe harbor plays out, and when it finally play out total legal expenses will drop. Second, the Copaxone patent will expire in either 2014 or 2015, so its approval isn't a decade away. Of course that assumes the FDA will approve it. Third, I didn't say or even hint at any kind of evil empire manipulating the stock price down, but if you need to invent a strawman in order for you to knock it down so you can face reality and your losses, well, that is your issue, not mine.

      • I'd suggest you read their 10K for the legal costs that INCREASED by $3.8 mil from 2010 to 2011 and INCREASED another $6.4 from 11 to 12. They don't seem to disclose the absolute numbers that getwrapped up in administartive exp. Lawyers aren't cheap, even their ineffective ones.
        Ditto for revenue and the bottom lines, they're in the filings
        And then there are Wheeler's comments saying no novel product until the end of the decade ( I erred in saying century, but maybe that is the closer date).
        Why you cult folks ignore filings and statements from the CEO in favor of your version of reality escapes me. And then there's the stock price that must be being manipulated downwards by some evil empire.
        We'll see what happens over the next couple of years, just from diffent vantage points

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