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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 May 2, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    vinny-mantoo certainly can't be in the medical field as he sure doesn't have a clue on biologics..

    Funny thing, the boastful ones are usual are clueless..

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    • dung_king,

      You seem to be boasting a hell of a lot, so your saying is spot on target.

    • Few, I'm sure, understand biologics, yourself included. But what we do understand is when in the course of a CC the CEO is asked "what are your plans for when you run out of money" his response shouldn't be "that's an interesting question". Go back and read how he babbled his way through what should have been an obvious question and come back and tell how bright or engaged this guy is. Beyond the "that's interesting" the rest was unintelligible..pure babble. He clearly either doesn't understand or care, pick one.
      The CFO did a great job of explaining why they're not selling anything...the competition is kicking our butt! At least he understands the situation.
      Great team

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      • islb3,

        {{Few, I'm sure, understand biologics, yourself included. }}

        Not sure why you think biologicals are so difficult to understand. They are not. What exactly do you mean by "biologicals" and what exactly about them are so difficult for you to understand?

      • "what are your plans for when you run out of money" his response shouldn't be "that's an interesting question".

        Well, when you won't run out of money for 3-4 years even if nothing goes you way, it is an interesting question, but not very relevant. What is far more relevant is 1) will the Supreme Court take on the MNTA lawsuit against Amphastar/Waston, 2) will the FDA approve Copaxone by 2014 when TEVA's patents expire, and 3) will MNTA get $25 million or more in milestones from Baxter for FOBs in 2014.

        As far as #1, there is a good chance as the suit hinges on the interpretation of the safe-Harbor provision so is broad reaching. As far as #2, Copaxone is a more than $1 billion drug and MNTA gets a 50% split with their partner, it is a major potential drive for MNTA. I will also include that MNTA is their proprietary and completely MNTA owned Heparin derivative which lacks the effect on clotting but hiders cell proliferation for its efficacy as an anti-cancer agent. Phase I data is expected in mid 2014.

        In response to these facts, dung_king will talk about his ouija board skills at reading charts and hurling comments so absurd and ignorant that they will make you dumber for having read them.

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