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  • IMaNomad1 IMaNomad1 Jul 31, 2003 3:31 PM Flag

    Still holding gain today...

    Thought it might fall off alittle into the close but is holding up well now. Still holding small short position at $41.25 with stop set. Made some pocket change here this AM but looking for more.
    If EXPE does "surprise" with earnings and sends IACI running I'll look to add to position or open new short position after run. Some may want to stand to the side until after EXPE numbers. This will probably be the last time EXPE releases numbers, after this it will (probably) be swallowed up by IACI.
    Good Luck to All,

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    • i am talking about expe at 14X sales dummy. tree is toast. fnm said couple weeks ago that refi business should drop 50% in 04. the kind of consumer confidence we have these days is really not supporting your assumption that the consumer will open its wallets. with home foreclosures and bankruptcys at record level, you expecting people to spend when their jobs are being shipped to india and china. you got to nuts. saddam rumor,ppt and csco upgrade helped the market today. that is why this pos came back with the rest of the garbage. S&P @ 35X earnings????? give me a freaking break. you haven't seen nothing yet as far as market crashes goes. you think from 5000+ to 1100 is painfull. imagine the Nasdog being cut in half from here. it is only a matter of time. I know you too believe in jobless recovery and excess credit will solve the problem. You think we can just print our way out of the problems do you. the nasty part is just around the corner. Last year this time greenie was saying the sky is falling, this year things are even worst than last year and Mr. MArket is turning a 100 point loss into a 35 point gain on a Saddam rumor. You live on borrowed time my "friend" the trend has changed.

    • Can't you read? "Expedia, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Travelscape, Inc., operates WWTE. WWTE provides private label booking solutions for travel suppliers looking to enhance their product offerings. The WWTE private label solution gives travel suppliers the ability to enhance their own Web sites with industry leading cross-sell and dynamic packaging solutions offering highly competitive inventory. Additional information about WWTE can be found at" And you're saying, "And this WWTE "platform" you keep alluding to doesn't "power" anything. EXPE and all the many entities you named in your long list all purchase the same software from the same privately owned software firm." Well, WWTE is from a privately owned software firm. And EXPE/IACI OWNS them.

    • <<earnings. I'm sure Barry do his usual "spin this pig" in a positive light while the idiotic analysts fawn all over him. I'll be long like the rest of the lemmings into earnings - the difference is, I'll flip and get short after earnings knowing this pig will be at 30 or less by the end of the year.

      And let's not worry about Barry splitting this pig, it'll split all by itself once all their businesses are rolled up into one transparent joke. There's a reason 60 million shares are short. We'll see who is right come January>>

      BRAVO!!! Excellent post. I may even buy a couple calls myself to play the spin!! ...hehehehehehee.

      No doubt, longer term IACI is TOAST. Patience is all once has to have for IACI. When she falls, she's gonna fall hard.

      Happy Trading!

    • That's it? "Whats going on, moron? you sound like a stupid idiot."??? Come on pzinger, we all had such high hopes for your retort. Sleep well my friend, tomorrow will be a lovely day!

    • Whats going on, moron? you sound like a stupid idiot.

    • : Re: Still holding gain today...
      By: bartov00
      Date: 08/04/03 08:37 pm

      Yes, I'll put it up against slovak's special ed grammer any day. Have at it.


      LOL .... I wish you the best to you in all your financial decisions......

      best to both shorts (thats me) and longs.. (I think that is you) ..........kj

    • Yes, I'll put it up against slovak's special ed grammer any day. Have at it.

    • Subj: Re: Still holding gain today...
      By: bartov00
      Date: 08/04/03 03:21 pm

      You have barely a clue what you are talking about, not to mention your pathetic grammatical skills. Did you attend English class or were you out getting high and packing away ding dongs? Either way, TREE, EXPE, ROOM are all growing companies that will produce BILLIONS in top line revenue. Their margins become even more stellar as more and more offline transactions move to online. As for Liberty, they are not buying Comcast, they are buying QVC from Comcast. So you're wrong there too. Liberty has initiated their premptive rights for every transaction dating back to PRC and including TMCS recently. They are a massive supporter of BD and IACI as a whole and Malone has come out and said it publicly. So take your little red wagon, fill it with Schwab statements showing your short transactions and take your negative spin drivel home, sign up for some friggin English classes at night school and get to bed early. Your day will likely start out a bit gloomy tomorrow.

      PS. Have a nice day.

      Would you be so bold as to take the above paragraph,(excluding PS) hand it to an english/grammar teacher, & ask for a grammatical opinion?

      All in the spirit of clean fun......

      For the record.. i am still short.. average is still the same 40.45.

      best to both shorts and longs.....kj

    • Uhhh, yes, they ARE handling the business for them.

      You can read on that it is essentially a wholesale travel SERVICE and TECHNOLOGY platform.

      With WWTE, IACI/EXPE handles all the bookings. It lists all the hotels. It does customer service. And it hosts the website (as you can tell simply by looking at the URL), for all the sites I mentioned.

      And are you seriously saying that travel suppliers competing with intermediary retailers (i.e., selling direct) is a brand new thing?

      Ever hear of the telephone?

      Airlines and hotels have been doing it for years.

      The evidence clearly shows that there are increasing advantages to scale, and rather than actually debate them, you would rather debate whether the relative emphasis in a sentence of mine should be on the word "sure" (as you think it should be) or "seems", as I intended.


      >> EXPE and all the many entities you named in your long list all purchase the same software from the same privately owned software firm.

      WRONG. You have said this now at least five times. Which firm are you talking about? Why don't you name it? Do you "suddenly have amnesia"?

      See's section on "technology". You will find that they clearly indicate it is proprietary. That means... they wrote it themselves.

      But at the end of the day, it's not so much about the software, just as for Wal-Mart, it's not really about the bricks that make the store. The essence of the business is its scale advantages, profit per transaction, pricing intelligence, distribution, value chain, operating leverage, cashflow, strategy, execution, earnings, and the prospects for each of them.

      The fact that WWTE is now powering the hotel bookings for Delta, American, United, JetBlue, Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, WestJet, Air France, AirTran, Hawaiian Airlines, and more... and the vacation packages for Sheraton, Hyatt, Wyndham, Starwood, Westin, W, and more... is rather relevant, don't you think? Especially when WWTE is *developed*, *owned* and *operated* by EXPE/IACI.


    • You have made so many false statements, I don't have the time to reply to them in detail. You're an ever present shill who denies getting paid for posting these distortions. If you don't get paid for doing this, you're crazy.
      You know damn well that I was referring to Orbitz and Travelweb that are invading EXPE's space. They represent the whole group of companies who also operate on their own.
      You made a good case for the multitude of competitive ways to bypass EXPE.
      A good example of your self contradiction is found here in this contradictory statement:
      <<(I DON'T know for *sure*) but that *sure* seems to mean that Expedia, or soon more accurately IACI, is handling their business for them.>>

      You were right in the first place. EXPE/IACI is NOT handling their business for them. And this WWTE "platform" you keep alluding to doesn't "power" anything. EXPE and all the many entities you named in your long list all purchase the same software from the same privately owned software firm.
      What difference does it make anyway? As I stated in my other post, IACI is expected to earn 0.78 this year(regardless whether you or I are correct). To me, that is a gross exageration and will be lowered, but assume they make it. Then I refer you again to my other post which shows that fair market value is no more than $15 for this stock.

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