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  • islander1213 islander1213 Jan 26, 2004 8:26 PM Flag Terrible

    In early-December, I booked a trip to Vegas for late January. Five days after booking the trip, a family emergency arose that forced me to either cancel or reschedule the trip.

    After years of traveling, I know these things happen and, in every prior instance, the travel agent, airline and hotel have done their best to help, even if the change was last-minute. I sometimes had to pay a small fine, but it was nothing like I experienced with Expedia.

    I was told I would lose approximately 80 percent of my purchase price if I wanted to cancel. No transfers. No rescheduling. No options. No assistance. Nothing. I never even bothered to cancel. Two calls and an e-mail to the company brought no satisfaction.

    I spend my days now e-mailing my friends, family, colleagues, investment club members - and message boards - telling them of my experience.

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    • Another moron who doesn't investigate before buying> ALL the online companies are the same way. Cheap rices but restrictions aplenty. If you klnow them, you can make an intelligent choice AND save money. Get a clue Island Boy

    • expedia's purchase policies are clearly stated, not only on the website, but also throughout the purchasing process. Let me guess, you probably don't read the 10Q's and K's before you recommend investments to your investment clubs either do you? ...IDIOT, put on ignore.

    • Islander....perhaps you should purchas trip cancellation insurance next time.

      I also learned the hard way...through a major cruise line. Bottom line: YOUR problem doesn't equate to THEIR problem.

      "Shit happens"

      Why should an airline foot the bill for a non-revenue generating empty seat that YOU previously paid for when YOU chose not to use it?

      Harsh? yes! Reality? Yes!

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      • Ken, I understand that Expedia has every right to view this as "my problem." I certainly don't mean to imply that the company has done anything other than to strictly adhere to its policies.

        However, not every organization would take such a firm position.

        I have done business with travel agents, airlines, hotels, etc., that have treated me better than Expedia - even with non-refundable tickets and vacation packages, and certainly when trips were changed or canceled in a far shorter time frame than the 6 weeks in this instance.

        I tried Expedia this time, the first time, after seeing a TV ad and checking out the Web site. And, indeed, I "learned the hard way." I learned to stick with those companies and agents who go the extra mile for the customer.

        I'm simply pointing out the differences I've seen in my travel experiences for anyone who might have an interest in such things.

    • Ever heard of the acronym RTFM?

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