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  • sceptic14u sceptic14u Feb 26, 2006 8:02 PM Flag


    30 was top end, wake the hell up!!!!

    the only reason barrons is pushing this stock is because someone out there has a big interest in dumping!!!! Watch & learn longs. Dont you get it......

    goog and yhoo tanking, even after good raised etc.....yada yada yada.....this will be at 27 by mid week.....someone said institutions just waiting to jump on board, look at inst ownership of this already pin head, they already jumped on. Now they are looking to jump off and barrons will hold it steady while they do. Watch the large trades tomorrow'll see. Suckers will buy in on this news, that is how institutions get out, not one institution i have ever seen jumps on board when news comes out.. They are in long before the masses......and yes, i am short, for good reason, will go shorter tomorrow, guaranteed!!!!!!!!

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    • "selling pressure huge, wonder why?"

      Probably profit takers who woke up and noticed it this morning....I'm sure the daytraders are having a fun day with it as well.....

      "GOODBYE, 27 by midweek. GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!"

      Hmmmm....Doubtful. I don't think CAPS LOCK is going to help that either...Be careful is what you want to happen and what will(is?) going to happen.....

    • they ain't running for profits here...coming up on 10am..think we're seeing accum. here ...keeps rising and est. new highs...

    • Hey Sceptic, in case you didn't notice, IACI split off EXPE in August in a stock dividend and reverse-split. (Any holder of IACI stock got 1/2 share of IACI and 1/2 share of EXPE on the ex-dividend date.)

      This means that a post-dividend high price of $30 post split is indeed the 52-week high of the year, on a pre-split adjusted basis, because it's equivalent in the trailing 52 weeks to $60 on the previous IACI.

      Make sense? [Please don't make me reconsider that "all shorts are not dumb" comment.]

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      • I realize that pin head, I owned plenty pre-split, my point, which is undisputed , is that IACI never hit 55. Don't twist it. The value of the stock, alone was a high of 30. WHen combined with EXPE, which is no longer here, it was 55.

        Secondly, about the institutions, I was responding to a post who said" institutions are waiting on the sidelines for news like Barrons, " . My point was that there is strong institutional ownership already, they surely are not waiting for a Monday monrning news to buy in. Institutions jump out when they want yes, but they also do it when there is strength. They are not idiots like some of the investors on here.

        BTW, your 34-5 pop today is matched by massive selling. Cant you see it. Sell the NEWS. 27 by Mid week.

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