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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 7:34 AM Flag

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    • Stupid Lycos shareholder come to USAI board and
      cry cry cry, now just be quiet! You are all slave of
      Mr. Diller and USAI shareholder. We own you! You
      perform our bidding at Mr. Diller command!

      making big pile of poop on floor and command
      tjgreenfield to scoop up with his nose! Like the Lycos dog you

      Only Mr. Diller and we USAI shareholder know how to
      best use our Lycos and Ticketmaster asset. Soon USAI
      stock reach $100 per share, you will see! But don't
      worry, you will receive scrap from our table.

      go get in your doghouse! And stay there until you
      are called for walk around the block! Good doggie!

      • 1 Reply to yinlie
      • and take your yr own scruffy butt over to the
        lcos board and see if your "master's" deal will go
        thru..NOT LOL

        the only "bidding" you will be doing
        in the near future will be at the craps tables in
        Atlantic City using your last $10.- trying to recoup your

        Grow up.. yr post reads like the robot from "LOST IN
        SPACE" ..probably a distant relative of yours from the
        sound of it! LOL

        Now, YOU get back to the space
        shuttle and strap your metallic butt in.. "WARNING,
        WARNING"'s time to blast off.. and stay there before i
        disconnect your circuits..

        Good Robot!!! now roll
        over and play dead..Good Robot..LOL LOL !!!!!!

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