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  • stock855 stock855 Jun 11, 2007 5:52 PM Flag

    CEO stuffing his pockets with 470,000,000.00

    He is the highest paid CEO in the world...We all know that no CEO is worth that much money. He should be embarrassed!!!!!! What a joke and no wonder why this stock is doing bad and headed downward...Everyone buy IACI and Barry Diller's pockets

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    • Correction there are 3 paper making money on iaci, which are shorts, daytraders, and Barry Diller

    • Barry is up to his tricks again. Dont be a fool and buy this stock as there are much better stocks out there with higher earnings potential with much less risk.

    • Watch out the Ceo is up to his tricks again. Barry buys a dictionary for people to use and he expects suckers to buy more shares of his stock. Wake up people don't be fooled by this crook again. There are plenty of other free search engines that provide dictionaries! What a joke! This stock is headed back to the teens. Don't put a penny of your hard earned money into to this stock as there are much more better stocks out there with higher earnings and less risk

    • Proud to say i sold at $34 dollars. I gave a warning on this a long time ago. Here is another warning. This stock is going to be dropping a lot more due to this crooked CEO running this company and the bad housing market continuing, this stock is going much lower but Good old Barry is still making (what a crook)

    • Look....lets just face the facts....a Jew is a Jew is a Jew

    • Again the only one getting rich is the Ceo Barry Diller. This stock is heading into the teens soon. Why invest and have dead $ in this stock when there are many more stocks that are safer and have much more of an upside. For example look at VlO and how low the pe is with great upside. The fast $ show just recommended it. There are many great stocks out there just dont waste your hard eaned $ on this dog. If you've lost $ then write it off as a loss and invest what you have left into something better before you lose a lot more!!!!!

    • How many companies are getting for the price of one. Even if all Companies fail to make, and only 2 make it all the way to the top, we are in the money. So stop complaining and flow with the game/you shorty.

    • the only one making $ here is the crook Barry Diller. Finally people r starting to wake up. This stock is going to continue to head south under this crook.

    • No one is holding a gun to anyones head demanding they sign papers for a home loan..The people that get in over their heads are the greedy ones..If they can't afford to own a home then they shouldn't own...It really is that simple, and I don't have any pity for people that choose to do it anyway..In fact I wish they would stay out of the housing market because all it does is fuck up the rest of the capital markets when someone has to bail them out....

    • Sad part is Berry Dillar still does not care if folks lose their home. He is still letting people get into NegAm's. How cruel and greedy can one company really be? Look at the LendingTree ads on Yahoo alone and almost every page you click its LendingTree. Fine so let them advertise but selling people on $400,000 for 1287 a month payment? What happens to their loan balance? Every month it goes up because of deferred interest. What else is wrong with it it? When the loan ajusts because this is an ARM, it ajusts at close to 10-12% who the hell can pay a payment on $400,000 at that rate? They now pay triple the payment. Yet we allow it, our greedy corporate world allows it, our greedy yahoo allows it, our greedy IACI allows it, SHAME SHAME SHAME!! Its disgusting!! This company only knows one thing and that G R E E D. Stuff their pockets and screw others no matter what it takes. With all the bills in congress about these loans they are still offering them on every single yahoo page!! Who the hell needs enemies when we have such great leaders.

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