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  • kalifornia2010 kalifornia2010 Aug 21, 2007 11:34 AM Flag

    Ticketmaster now Scamming people

    Yes, If you've bought tickets from ticketmaster, expect to soon see a charge of $9 to your account for entertainment rewards. Apparently, ticketmaster is deciding to automatically sign people up for this service. Now at first, I thought they were selling my information to a third party, but it turns out that Ticketmaster owns this company. Such deceptive business practices will not be tolerated by us consumers! Do NOT buy from ticketmaster with your credit cards unless you want to be scammed by them. If you do, watch your account statements closely. Here are some links for your information.

    I have researched this pretty thoroughly since I saw the first charge show up on my credit card online statement last week. Turns out Entertainment rewards and TicketMaster are both owned by a company called Interactive Corp:

    152 West 57th Street
    42nd Floor
    New York, NY 10019
    (212) 314-7300
    (212) 314-7379 (Fax)

    So when I purchased tickets from TicketMaster, they automatically signed me up for Entertainment Rewards, even though I DID not check the box requesting a 30-day free Trial. I saw the check-box, but was not interested in any free trial, because I know what that usually means is once the free trial is over you start getting charges to your credit card even though you didn't actually request to continue after the free trial. So I deliberately DID NOT check the checkbox, but TicketMaster signed me up anyway.

    So I have filed a complaint against the Ticketmaster with the BBB and filed a complaint against InterActive Corp. with the NY Attorney General's office. Hopefully, these actions by all of us will eventually halt these fraudulent business practices by this company.

    NY Office of the Attorney General:

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    • This is too funny. I actually work for ent. Rewards and can assure you all that it is not a scam at all. In fact its a great program where members can print 50% off and 2 for 1 discounts for dining, shopping, travel, and much more. Further more each member enrolls themselves by entering their e-mail address twice and selecting "yes!" to join our free trial and get a cashback award. The funny thing is that some people that enroll themselves are idiots and don't bother to read the terms. If they aren't interested they can simply select "no thanks" and be on their way. No, they instead unwittingly (stupidly) follow the enrollment process, which allows our partner to pass their billing info. This is all mentioned on the enrollment page. Come on people! You'd have to be a moron to enroll yourself and claim you didn't know. In addition, we send several e-mails to the e-mail address provided before the end of the free trial, which reiterates the benefits of rewards, and how the membership can be cancelled at any time. I guess no one bothers to check their e-mail either. Then theres also the members who get charged for months even years and then they want a full refund. If they're stupid enough not to notice an unauthorized charge within a few months they should be ashamed of themselves. Apparently by the looks of this message board theres quite a few morons who should be ashamed of all of you that "claim" to be scammed need to kick yourselves in the butt for being such retards and blame your incompetence instead of blaiming it on bad business.

      :-) sam

    • They have been scamming people forever. I stood on line at Sears for 3 hours to buy 8 tickets @ 60 a piece. No idea where the seats where (no map) how low bad could they be for $480. Upper balcony with my head touching a wall. Bet Mitler at Reunion Areana in Dallas, Tx. The final blow. My friend who had lost his tickets, bought them from a scalper in front of the arean, paid $45 and sat front orchestra. Needles to say Burned one never again. Thinking of looking into IACI. I wouldn't buy into this company under any circumstances.

    • Hi...
      Did you ask them to refund your money ?
      What was their response ?

      • 1 Reply to beerz_now
      • Hi,

        No I did not contact them because as far as I'm concerned this is direct fraud! I shouldn't have to call anyone forcing charges to my account without my authorization, I did not order anything from them and when I ordered tickets I did not accept any other offers from anyone. They are basically saying that, I entered my E-mail into some box during ticket checkout which never happened! And I made sure that nothing like this has happened, never would I order something like this garbage (who does?).

        What I did do; Contacted my bank and notified them of this fraud. I had to cancel my credit card and file a fraud complaint. Also, I have contacted the states attorneys office as well as the better business bureau and my personal lawyer. There is a class action lawsuit mounting as they are refunding people which basically means they are admitting they are wrong (forced sales).

        I just wanted to inform other people to be careful when ordering tickets from Ticketmaster in the future. This cannot be good news for shareholders. I'm not telling you to buy or sell, but just letting people know what kind of deceptive business practices they are running at their company, this will not go over well in the future. But anyways, Thanks for your time.


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