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  • NaturalBodyBuilder NaturalBodyBuilder Mar 1, 2004 1:45 PM Flag

    SEPR flying

    any of you fools buy some SEPR a month ago when I recommended it...dead money here at FRX...the money have already been made.

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    • We all get the point.

      Don't let him get under your skin. FRX is a great stock.

      You cannot ignore, however, that SEPR is up 70% in the past month or two, either.

      With thousands of stocks, can't they both be good? I know I hold both in my portfolio (much more FRX, but I got a little lucky with SEPR recently).

      Can't we all get along?


    • Jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Now what do you think, IDIOT????????????

    • Let me once again, re-confirm that you are an idiot. I figured you'd respond sooner or later, since you probably aren't that busy, anyway.

      SEPR is going to "tank."

      As for FRX, I bought in at less than $2.00, and I have kept adding to it, as well as ac-
      cumulating with regards to splits.

      Good luck, moron.

    • I'm too busy trying to educate the stupid FRX reps that are calling on me to respond to amateur like yourself. Lets see, I unloaded all my FRX stock to buy SEPR at 6 & change and now SEPR is trading north of $ do the math and ask yourself: WHO IS THE MORON?

      As for I said before they are a good company, but the EASY MONEY have been made. Look at SGP and how generic Claritin devasted their top and bottom line. Generic Celexa will kill FRX's growth this summer. The SSRI market is huge, unlike the dementia market (too many physicians aren't treating). Namenda will not makeup the short fall in revenue growth. IMO also, FRX reps are clueless when it comes to selling...they like to bring donuts and lattes and think that it will sell their drugs. The guy who carried Namenda in his bag didn't even know how much it cost. It might work for the SSRI market, but not dementia or cardiovascular market. There's a new FRX rep calling on me every 5-6 months...the company keeps promotting reps that are not ready to be managers. They haven't even developed the sale skills yet, so how are they going to manage others. This will hurt FRX going forward with such inexperienced & unproven mgmt. The top reps that i've encountered are the reps from AZN, NVS and Sankyo. Those guys know how to sell...where as FRX reps are a dime a dozen.

      Take it for what it's worth, but LLY and AZN are the top big pharma to own due to their pipeline.

      Luck on FRX

    • You're wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1