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  • coursonc coursonc Nov 2, 2004 12:42 PM Flag

    this stock is cheap today thank you

    for selling me your shares. look at a two year chart it will surely rebound from this level.

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    • Remember - I said 40 could be the floor and others disagreed. Here is another opinion from a previous PFE holder - Don't. It has been dead money for more than 5 years. Best Pharmas now are Novartis and maybe Lilly. If you bought FRX over 50, unless you have a very long horizon, consider putting money elsewhere. Next opportunity for FRX growth (barring t/O) might be stroke thrombolytic (bat saliva)

    • i believe the risk (which i think is not a class effect) for celebrex and bextra are already priced in. Again, understand, I own a lot more frx than pfe and I want nothing better than for frx to pick up and soar, but in the meantime I am hedging with pfe and the others i mentioned.

    • sorry typed too fast. 12 died is what I meant to say about PFE's celebrex.

    • You are not concerned about PFE's cox 2 ?? 12 s reported in Canada...

    • yes/ look at pfe buybacks, pipeline etc. i dont see the downside at under 30. i am still hoping for a complete frx recovery, but i dont like the chart.

    • You sure PFE is a good buy doc? Tanking big now. FRX feels good and secure compare to that one. Our PE is better for one thing...

    • That sums it up

    • The FRX has very good products, profit margin, cash flow. No debt. The stock does not deserve this. Any one know the reason why stock down so much? I do not know how much tax related selling could contribute to this. Apperently some other dog stocks are up dramaticly recently and not influened by tax related selling. I believe this stock will up soon and faster.

    • i hope you are right; i have lots of this stock at somewhat higher prices. the chart looks bad. luckily we have good support at around 40. this company is in transition. both timing and pr of management are off. nemanda and lexapro are blockbuster products but they will need something new and sexy which they will have to buy from someone else since they don't have anything in their young development program which will take a few years to grow. One big new purchase in coop with a european or japanese firm could do the trick, similar to the recent acquisitions by bmy. i am holding my shares and will buy more if it moves past 45 anytime soon. in the meantime pfe and jnj and the more risky cbst(*novel abx) or acam(vaccines) are good pharm counterprops while waiting for this company to catch up again. naturally, i hope frx moves ahead fast. just my opinion

    • must be a kerry voter. bush won. good for healthcare. by the way ehy would a company so profitable and cash rich with no vioxx issues fall like a falling knife. the pipeline has new products in it and will hit earnings in 2005. oh yeah, Bush Won, again, if you;re short sell now and get out, before you get crushed. the frx buyback will keep this above 45, and now that everyone will flood back into and buy those Index 500 funds who are forced to buy frx. maybe a sell 12/31/04 so you can take some profits off table when it hits 75, and you need to pay taxes.
      go bash mrk or pfe= they have issues.

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