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  • newbody00001 newbody00001 Dec 28, 2004 3:50 PM Flag

    You guys ready for

    ... the cliff? Coming soon. No amount of reasoning (with celexa generics, lexapro will be hurt in face of cheap alternatives... and you can forget about lexapro filling in the rev. gap of celexa) can help a determined fool.

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    • "suggest you sell your puts so that you'll have a happy new year,"

      Thank you for your concern. You are a nice fellow. But I am well-covered with "insurance". Are you?

      "i know your probably miffed about his sales"

      I loved his sales! Get it? His betrayal is money maker for me, get it?

      Man, I have a strong feeling that this thing is going to blow up in you longs faces.

      Last post. I will check back next year. Get out when you still can.

    • "This product will be HUGE."

      Wasn't that what they said about undersea cables? LOLLLLLL! Let's assume you are right, which you are not. But let's pretend. The key word here is "will". Between now and sometime in the future is a gaping hole. Watch out for January 05. It may bury you.

    • Ever hear of CAMPRAL. Treats alcoholism. The only product that actually works. 17 million American adults are alcoholics. This product will be HUGE. BTW, Namenda hasn't even scratched the surface of its potential with ALZ. You're way off base with your superficial comments.

    • newbody,
      have you ever met howard solomon?what you should do is take a look at the 1978 annual report,thats the year howard solomon took over the company from hans lowery,and ian stwert.what a remarkable story ever since.
      i know your probably miffed about his sales,but what would you do in howard's case,let his options expire?cynicism,and disgust,once again i would suggest you sell your puts so that you'll have a happy new year,otherwise,you'll realize what cynicism,and disgust are all about.
      i look for a positive earnings call come mid january.

    • Why? Actually I am short PFE too. But I think PFE will be alright in the longer term. WHy I dumped on FRX? Its pipeline is empty. No blockbuster in sight. One blockbuster gone. Nothing to replace it. The one remaining does pretty much the same thing. Who knows, I maybe wrong. God knows I have been wrong before. You don't have to listen. And you can keep your shares. I really don't care one way or the other. Just expressing my cynicism and disgust for guys like Solomon.

    • aren't you the individual that claimed to have bought many puts earlier this year,early dec.or late nov.,and that prediction of 30 by january 31st.i suggest you get rid of the puts if you haven't already,the mid january call is just around the corner.i'll remember to make the highlights available to you.

    • Could you please quantify your negative sentiment? The reason I ask is because ALL of the IMS prescription data says the opposite. (I have attempted to post most of the on this board.)

      This "determined fool" has attempted to do his homework so I'd like to understand your math. Thanks.

    • "Back to my parent's basement"

      You might have to, after FRX plunges to $20s. Rather a cold swim. I said it here first! $20s. March 05.

    • Gee, thanks for the news flash. I guess we all must have missed the FRX revised earnings guidance issued on November 1st...and all the subsequent analyst downward revisions. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the stock hitting the mid-30s in late November.

      Thanks for your oh-so insightful contribution to the message board. Boy, it never occured to any of us that generic Celexa could hurt FRX's financial results.

      Note to self: stop reading FRX message board between Xmas and New Years.