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  • donrzepa donrzepa Feb 17, 2010 12:26 PM Flag

    I'm a new shareholder

    I've watched this stock for a long time and believe it to be a very good investment, but I'm totally 'miffed' by the lack of any conversation, or enthusiasm on this board. Last week I picked-up 2K shares, so far I've made a buck or two, and expect to do more. Does anyone care to comment ?

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    • I have been a stockholder for over a year, and orginally got in for same reasons as you and still feel good about this company but the reason it hasnt moved is because of fear of lost revenue to patents expiring and not having been replaced yet with another blockbuster. I feel that could happen but as time wears on this is more of a burden

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      • I think patience is the key with FRX. Margins and return on equity in double digits, zero debt, huge cash reserves (which, IMHO, ought to warrant at least a minimal dividend to sweeten the deal for investors) and a promising pipeline. Every time I consider selling this holding because of lack of market enthusiasm I just revisit the fundamentals, scratch my head, and wonder what the market's seeing that I'm missing. I think this is a classic value play that will need a little more time to blossom.

    • i am also new shareholder, however, this company to me should do very well in the long run, it gushes cash, it has 16 drugs in the pipeline with 6 in Phase 3 clinical trials with the aim to bring this number to 9 in the next 14 months. on top of this, it is trading at less than 6 times the trailing 12 month free cash flow with zero debt. thats a 18% cash to earnings yield which is Enterprise value over the trailing 12 month FCF. basically we are buying a high quality bond with a potential 18% yield.

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      • I'm in complete agreement. However, I sometime rely on my gut to tell me where to put the $$$'s. I sold today at $29.79. and immediately picked-up 2237 shares of old Mr. Softie. Tomorrow is dividend day and I just have a "feeling". On 3-1-2010 ALTH will report. I'll take some of that rocket money and come straight back to FRX. Something is going to happen here, but my guess is, it won't be until just before ASCO.