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  • ttfg1130 ttfg1130 Mar 11, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    Why is this board so inactive?


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    • Those who are looking for a "new 52W high" are very disappointed after today's trading. The PPS touched a double peak yesterday then turning down, even though indexes are keep touching the "new 52W high."

      The dynamics behind FRX trading are: the company promise a full recovery in 2018 (Salty believes and follows), but the actual sales trends indicating the opposite. After April CC, I will post the sales data to show you the trend.

      Yes, Icon is always a significant factor to FRX. I don't know whether he is patient enough to wait for "2018 recovery," or he will act to fight again due to his unsatisfactory to the operation performance.

      "Sell the company?" Not easy -- too many babies in nursery, who knows: they will be "giants" (as the company promised) or just so-so (for instance, viibryd, promised to be a blockbuster, cannot even fill up the $1.9B hole paid to CLDA, and the "new nine" together cannot even fill up the hole left by Lexapro -- 9:1!!!).

      Salty, be patient.

    • Hey 1130 -

      I really don't understand your point.
      It doesn't bother me that there aren't a lot of posts on this MB as long as the PPS continues to rise.

      Perhaps you can go over to the Apple MB and read all the sob stories from the posters that lost money? :-)

      Hopefully FRX will hit a new 52-week high soon, and no one will care if there are any messages posted here.
      OR better yet, maybe Uncle Howdy and the BOD will agree to doing away with the poison pill and sell the company for twice the current PPS.

      Then everybody would be happy, even Carl :-)

      Good Luck & Go FRX longs,

    • haha..frank disappeared looking for the CLIFF

    • Probably because Icahn hasn't been screaming about it lately. Now that he has a seat on the board, he's working his magic from within.