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  • lipolong lipolong Jun 24, 1998 9:57 PM Flag

    Patent expiration & p/e

    I buy FRX only because of Celexa. FRX is a
    generic drug company before 1993.

    Tiazac wouldn't
    make much money becuase other anti-hypertension drugs
    are better. (I know that Tiazac is an extend release
    formula, so are other two from Hoest, RPR plus

    FRX's leading cash cow - Aerobid is under high market
    pressure and the SNDA FRX submitted early this year can do
    almost nothing to help its sales.

    Snapton, which
    is to treat Alzheimer's disease, might only make $5
    million a year because of high incidence of side effects.
    (It will get approved in November this year)

    Monurol didn't do good so far. What else?

    Celexa, yea, Celexa, will make FRX like a fly

    PS. 7 years FRX's growth on Celexa is enough for me.

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