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  • rosel_1998 rosel_1998 Jul 17, 1998 12:41 PM Flag

    ? about forest labs

    does anyone know when they are scheduled to be certified
    for their new drug to fight depression?

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    • Celexa should be approved shortly. The normal
      time span between an Approvable Letter (which Forest
      received on May 13) and the final approval is a couple
      months. The Approval Letter means the drug is effective
      and safe for the disease. The only things needed to
      work out for the Final Approval is the wording of the
      Package Insert (prescribing information and side effects
      attached to each bottle) and sales presentation material.
      The FDA has to approval all this material before the
      Final Approval is given and the drug can be shipped. It
      is summer time (with vacations) so you never know
      how long it will take. It should be very shortly,

      Just for a response to Jimmy123abc. Warner Lambert is
      a Safer investment, if you want safe investments!
      The reason I bought FRX is this is their BIG ONE. The
      drug that puts them on the map. If you look at the
      Anti-depressant market in the U.S., it is approximately 5 Billion
      dollars. If Forest obtains a 10% market share; they double
      the size of their company. Because of all the drug
      (you mentioned) that Warner Lambert and other have, do
      you know how much one drug would have to sell to
      double the size of Warner Lambert? Do you know what
      happens to a companies stock that doubles their corporate
      sales in one year?