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  • lipolong lipolong Jul 19, 1998 12:57 PM Flag

    FRX's products

    I would say that FRX's future is only depends on
    its sales on Celexa (citalopram).

    It took FRX
    two years to reach $100 mil sales for its Tiazac. FRX
    was $22.5 and then it went up to $27.5 when FRX
    licenced Tiazac. it was still around $20 last year. So FRX
    investors are far behind the whole market.

    I realy
    think Tiazac has almost reached its limit because
    another company received FDA approal for the same kind of
    generic version of Cardizm CD (there will be more and
    more companies). Aerobid, Monurol, and etc. are not
    big enough to justify FRX's current price. Pipelines,
    I don't even want consider them. Otherwise I would
    buy biotech stocks.

    I do agree that FRX is ONE
    product company if we want growth from our investment.
    Celexa is our bet!!!