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  • follyfullnut follyfullnut Mar 11, 2010 11:36 PM Flag

    Quarterly Reports please!

    Ed confirmed they are just waiting on the OTS for the sales of the branches and the quarterly reporting is a seperate issue and is independent of the first. Board of Directors, get of your @#$#@$ and get approve the quarterly reports

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    • From under what rock have you crawled? On what planet do you reside?

      I am under the impression that this is a serious forum and your sophomoric antics are less than desireable. Again, go educate yourself (sorry but the OMA CB school system sucks) before your run your mouth.

    • Constable happens to be a new england, you know 'yankee' word for a peace officer, or a police man generally. So my apologies to the women readers I must have offended with my frankness. But it remains a funny story as at the time, around the crap table, there were no women present.

    • Constable?'re a Brit no wonder I don't get it. Here in the USA doctors dont fondle our scrotums. You explanation was to no avail. I don't see anything funny in your story. If I were the pit boss I'd definitely throw you out. Guys who go there to gamble some money don't need to hear Grandma telling them they shouldn't gamble and should give the money to charity instead. And the casinos don't appreciate people who try to cut into their profits by discouraging gamblers from betting.

    • chicagoland-nw? North Western? Wow, talk about a big ten nerd. glad to know you, big eight, now bigger twelve nerd here. No not business, physics, can you spell that? P - H - Y - S - I - C - S; got it?

      Do you know why my alias is in capitals?

      Its because some business upper executive type thought he could stifle the truth by cutting and pasting my yahoo profile into his own and claimed that he was I - even that my photo which he use was mine was him. Yahoo did some very bad things to him, and his bosses fired his ass for being so lame. But that was years ago.

      TONE Board will certainly need some clean cut americans, to seperate the wheat from the chaff, here on out.

    • your profile ia of a guy in chainmail, sheild and ax, i guess your not a guy as any teenager in the doctors office gets checked for hernia, its because the 'family jewels' decend from the abominal? cavity. girls would be just like you not to know, i'd change your profile soon.

    • my my chicagoland ganster?

      grow up pee wee, let your mommy come and take your hand, lead you away from the vile man not nice to tell stories so funny...

    • if your a guy and the doctor ever put on a glove and check you for a hernia, you would know certainly about coughing. The funny part is the lawyer was waiting for a display of rasied fists or similar gesture which would be an assault upon his person. He would summon the constables and have me confined, for threatening him.

      Instead, he was made into the object of a joke, and suffered badly for it. He asked the pit boss to have me ejected from the table, which also failed as no one could stop laughing to take his demand seriously as his face got more and more red.

    • so you spend time in counciltucky? damn that explains a lot. Don't spread rumors about stuff you "heard". If that is how you conduct yourself, I'm still glad you don't manage my money and you are exposing your lack of sophistiaction and knowledge about business and investing. Again you are quite dangerous and I, for one, wish you would learn something before you run off at the mouth again.

    • it's was too late to worry about charge-offs, but its a true story set in Council Bluffs not Vegas, the laywer is a well known local who's gaming habit got him in serious non payment of taxes I heard...

    • TONE still has cash, otherwise their doors would be padlocked now, its time has come and gone. A century in business destroyed by a lack of oversight in distant real estate markets poorly overseen by local stupes more concerned by their lint in their navels or grime between their toes.

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