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  • retireb4death retireb4death Apr 15, 2005 11:31 PM Flag

    Gotta love APII

    Taking GE out of the equation (it was my only up stock today), good ol' APII was the smallest percentage loser in my portfolio today! It may wander 20 percent on it's own, but at least it doesn't drop sympathetically with the market! My 401-k on the other hand...OY!
    Was trying to figure out when 1Q financials will be released - anyone have a guess? I'm expecting good news on both APII and FDP (already had the good news on GE today) and after today, I could REALLY use some good news!
    Good luck all (maybe that should be "hope we don't run out of tourniquettes?)

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    • The way this stock acts if we get a pullback around $2.80 like to buy some extra to play the swings and keep what I got for the long haul.

    • I still think APII is in bullish mode. Kinda hard to tell given the market around it, but if you look at the pps from previous Thursday to yesterday, it's actually flat to up.

      We've now seen APII spike and drop twice now, in late December and last Monday, *right before* the greater markets took some serious corrective action. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not. Seems possible that 1 or more hedge funds are gaming this stock to raise money the volatile way.

      I do know that someone, either one entity or multiple acting in concert, has a tight control on the price lately. Watching the tape, this thing is not behaving in any way normally. The MMs (NITE and SCHB) are also moving their inventory through SIZE and ECNs to mask their identity. Still curious where the selling volume is coming from. I guess each spike like that creates a new series of bagholder. With the markets in turmoil and margin calls hitting portfolios on a daily basis, it's no wonder there are folks interested in selling.

      Buy action is more interesting. Again, looks like accumulation to me. With some stealth, either to cover or to buy outright, for days now someone keeps placing 5000 buy blocks near the bid. They don't get filled in blocks, and they're easy to miss if you're not looking. Further strong support at 2.75, which should be in no danger of giving out. Below the stealth buying/covering we have domchick and everyone else who sold in the last spike looking to buy back.

      Company should release 10-Q and have conf. call late this month or first week of May. The worst seems to be behind us in the general market storm. Perhaps one good shake-out on Monday/Tuesday. Double-digit growth here is undeniable, and with any good guidance at all the price should reflect a higher valuation. I may be fooling myself, but still believe this tiny company is a fairly safe place to be. Would like to see a healthy advance instead of the spike-reaction cycle this has been on of late.

      Good luck all.

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      • I too echo many of your thoughts. Most importantly the fundamentals of APII's business have improved dranmatically. I feel that the aquisition of CK has proven to be most beneficial to this company. Distribution is diversified, the salespeople are working the plan. In respect to the stock, VOLUME is what is changing. We are seeing very sharp increases in volume. As this happens we are getting more warrants being exercised and larger players in the stock. Keep in mind, in a day and age when people see corporate misconduct running rapid, APII has managed to maintain a very disciplined approach with the highest integrity. Depth in management is what we are missing. IMO, We are right around the corner from seeing this problem corrected. I am expecting further guidance in respect to the numbers. The company to me is as strong as ever. The Simple Math will continue to play out