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  • bartok976 bartok976 Jan 9, 2006 2:23 PM Flag

    That was it.

    You should be angry.

    We have been mislead.

    Misleading statments are against the law for companies.

    My broker recommended we look into forming a class action suit...not sure if I want to get into that crap but he really thinks investors were mislead to buy the warrants with the press releas lies.

    Not sure what to do here.

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    • Just dropping by to check up on ol APII, looks like you longs are having some hard times. I got in around 2 last year and sold everything that one crazy new years eve around 3.75. Sorry if you all are still stuck in this thing. Good luck with the 1Q..hope they dont screw that up. And I dont mean to spam or anything, but you might want to look into GV in the near future...might find some redemtion in that...I dunno....good luck again...

    • one last thing about your post.

      ok so they introduced a lot of new stuff this yr. so u know what a smart company does?

      they low ball estimates in march and get the transition yr bs out of the way, and set the bar at 9 mil or 8 mil, something u know u can beat.

      the stock hits 2, stabalizes there, then is 4 bucks today on those same sales results.

      they didnt need the warrant money that bad.

      RULE #1 for wallstreet, set the bar low, and beat it. dont set the bar high (suggest the bar is low), and miss by a country mile.

      watch how this plays out on ITWO over the next 30 to 60 days. they will never learn.

      long itwo puts

    • and before we get into the bs restrictions bs. im sure aubrey at chk as many more restrictions, and he is buying with both fists.

      kaplans shud step up at these levels.

      u can check at

      if they believe their own tripe

    • i gotta go with t boone on oil services. if he says their is a glut of oil on the market who am i to think otherwise.

      i think he set the floor on natural gas at 9. next cold blast in about 7 to 10 days shud take ng prices higher.

      CHK ceo has bought over 100 million insider buys at the highs for the past 12 months

      he has boughts 10 times what apii does in sales, in his own stock.

      if apii is such a great buy, where are the insider buys?

    • i like IRBT and UARM i just wish cramer wud shut up about them. man can he ruin a gud chart or what?

      SLW in silver

      CHK in nat gas,got some hawk too

      nvax and bcrx seem like the two best bird flu plays.


      all that i know for sure is someone got the call thing werent going well in early dec. probably sales guys, telling thier friends in europe to short it, or whatever. but if sales reps knew and upper management, well that says it all doesnt it. john chambers, of csco, is updated hourly on sales, everyday.

    • I honestly believe that they thought $10M was an easy target to meet this year, and that up until maybe November they thought they could make it. This is a just in time world out there, and it's believable that customers were placing orders for goods up into November.

      I think we can all agree that Ron K. is fairly clueless about the operational aspects of this company, so it wouldn't surprise me that he didn't have a proper grasp of the business environment out there. He's been guilty of that before, and laid the blame at others feet. Perhaps he really is the strategic genius that he's made out to be. I don't know how bad Warren's health is, but I think he hasn't nearly been as involved over the past quarter than in previous years.

      I don't know what they told you specifically, but I never got a precise statement that $10M was in the bag. Thing about your dog business is that your product offering is fairly set. You're not introducing greenfield products into the market and trying to predict acceptance.

      Appears that someone is willing to take a significant amount of shares off your hands today. Good luck with future endeavors. FWIW, I recommend oil services. BAS is the best value in that sector right now.

    • The SEC doesn't do jack shit unless it is a high profile case, or a lot more money was involved than the entire market cap of APII. I have made complaints to the SEC about a lot more flagrant actions than you've seen here, and not a word.

      I don't know what statements were made that were dishonest or misleading. Setting sales goals and not meeting them is not dishonest. Please provide concrete examples of dishonesty.

    • i totally admit to being a whining bitch right now.

      i wudnt be so mad if i didnt express concern 3 times a day for a whole qrt and was told its all gud.

      i have definitely been treated better by bigger companys than this, with respect to some much appreciated body language.

      i totally pressed them on the 2nd q CC, and they waffled between 10 and 15% growth.

      on top of trading i own a small dog kennel and grooming biz. it only does about 500k a yr in sales, but i can tell 6 months out how things are shaping up.

      u are telling warren and ron had no idea in june that wudnt crack 10 mil?

      yeah right

    • i agree with everything u said

    • You're missin the point Rad...being dishonest and misleading statements made to investors by management in an effort to sell shares at a premium for their own profit.

      This is illegal. It can be investigated. The SEC can and does look into such matters. Often people can deal with a loss but its the breach of trust that bears the sting.

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