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  • Trainspimp Trainspimp Oct 16, 2007 10:59 AM Flag

    Finally, a vision on the horizon

    They are awakening, note: the name of the company is Action Products, not Action Toys. :-) Finally.

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    • This move makes a lot of sense. The toy industry is again in turmoil, getting into other business might be a way to increase shareholders value. I am in full agreement.

    • Maybe APII is counting on some proceeds from its lawsuit that was won a year or 2 ago relating to interference with a possible takeover target. Seems like the losing entity posted an appeal bond. If that is the case, and the verdict is not overturned, there may be a decent payday coming their way. I am not counting on that, but I do agree that they need to look outside their box for other business.

    • I think most stockholders at this point in time are just trying to recover from managements blunders. I just don't feel they can turn the company around selling toys at museums, & specialty sores, so they need another avenue for income. Yes, there is a question wheather management can handle another business but it still better then the current situation. The only other option is to sell your shares at current prices.